Justice In Helltaker Explained

Dec 29, 2021
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Justice Info Card

Justice is the seventh demon encountered in Helltaker. She has been given the name "The Awesome Demon," by those who do not fear her. To the few who have gone toe-to-toe with her, it is clear that she is anything but awesome. 

Justice was captured at the same time as several other demons and she was being transported to a better location when she made a daring escape! From what we have gathered, Justice managed to slip out of her restraints and remove the intake valve from one of her sedatives. 

After shaking off some serious side effects, she let loose on her captors! Justice was able to make it back through the portal and return to Earth. 

This location is now one of the few places where visitors can make first contact with this powerful demon.

She resides in a place called the 'Tribunal of Elders', which is presumably located somewhere in Hell. The Tribhalon summon Justice in hopes that she will be able to replace their previous, deceased, demons (who perished from fatal plane crashes/train crashes/car crashes/boat crashes). 

Before the Tribhealons can ask for her assistance, Justice makes them sit through an entire story about how she chased Ozzy Osbourne for his soul. 

They find her story to be incredibly boring. Despite this lack of interest from the Tribhalon's, she holds no hard feelings towards them and accepts their offer to be their new Demon.

Justice, who stands in the background playing a guitar, will zoom in front of the screen and start throwing various flashcards which you have to dodge by moving around the screen. 

The flashcards are generated at random and can either be an A, B, or C card. The letter on each flashcard will then appear on your opponent's chest. Use your justice charge attack to hit that specific spot that corresponds with each flashcard's letter. Once you break through all of them, Justice will start tossing some bombs and you must avoid getting hit by them. 

Once you get all of those flashcards off her chest, Justice will go back to attacking normally so defeat her with your justice charge attack again!


Justice, the main character of Helltaker, looks like a normal 16-year old girl with pale skin, black hair, and grey eyes. However, Justice is blind. 

She explains that her father was an alcoholic who killed himself in front of her at age 8 when she told him she didn't want to drink. Justice gained her blindness as a result of this trauma.

Justice has a curvaceous body and is very tall in comparison to Evanio, who is around 14 years old at the time of their appearance. She has black hair that comes down to just below her high waist. 

Her skin tone is fair, bordering on being pale. Her eyes are grey, but she's blind.

She speaks with a Scottish accent, and gets mad when people mistake it for an Irish one (even though they sound very similar).

Her appearance is that of a blind girl who is decked out in rocker-esque clothes; she wears a black high-waisted mini skirt, leggings, and fishnet stockings, covered by lacy white shoes. She wears a black sleeveless shirt that has a red stripe down the middle, showing off her tattoo sleeves on each of her arms. 

The shirt also has a skull and crossbones on the tip of the collar and an iron cross necklace with five gems on it. 

Her hair is long, angled bangs covering her forehead, with the rest reaching her waist; some parts are tied together in small ponytails, causing them to form pigtails. On top of both eyes she wears round sunglasses. 


She rejoiced in her new job, and often joked with the other demons in Tartarus. Despite that, she respected Inhell and Hell as necessary, not just for herself but for the safety of the world.

She has very few lines compared to the other demons, having only one really long interaction with Judgement, but this interaction reveals Justice to be more of a joker type character, and also surprisingly friendly to her former rival. 

It's rather unknown how exactly she feels about Judgement after the events of their last case, but she could be either pleasant, or completely indifferent towards him.