Junk Gungeon Explained

Sep 16, 2021
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When picked up, it spawns a random amount of pickups and activates a multitude of random effects, such as activating altars, increasing/decreasing the enemy count, creating a shop, and so on.

Junk cannot be dropped unless it is replaced with a new one. The appearance of junk may be influenced by the luck stat.

The Junk can be picked up and thrown, but it does nothing on impact. 

Being near a chest when it is destroyed has a chance to make Junk spawn for each remaining segment of health the chest had left.

 As such, it takes up one of your item slots, but the guns that spawn from the Junk item can be placed in any other non-guns slot. 

Unlike guns purchased from shopkeepers, the weapons produced by the junk item do not cost any batteries to use and can be placed in any slot. 

The Junk item does not produce cursed or legendary weapons and cannot produce guns purchased from the shopkeeper.

It behaves like an active item in that it does something when touched, but unlike an active item, this action does not directly help the player in any way.

This destroys items, damages enemies and opens chests before disappearing. 

The damage is relatively weak, but it can still be used to attack groups of enemies or hit lone targets with a larger blast radius than most other items have.

It works similarly to a grenade, in that using the active ability causes a small explosion, destroying everything directly in front of the player when Junk is activated.

The item is fairly common, most shops selling it for 5, with most early-game merchants selling it for 3. Junk can be found in shops most commonly starting from stage 5, with most early-game merchants selling it for 3.

A chest is an environmental object found in chests rooms. Chests can be opened with the Red Key. Chests appear at preset locations in each room, but they are sometimes blocked by rocks which must be destroyed first. 

The items contained within a chest will vary based on the dungeon level you enter. Junk is an item of type “miscellaneous”.

Other Items: Elder Blank, Ser Junkan, Orange 

More About Junk Item

There’s a unique mechanic in the indie video game Enter The Gungeon that has inspired many stories in the community. 

It revolves around when you die by taking damage from an enemy or environmental hazard, you leave behind a piece of junk when you’re defeated. If you return with another gun to retrieve this Junk, it respawns in your current location and increases the amount of damage it provides by 5%. 

The damage increase persists no matter what happens to the Junk, and resets if you die again at that location

If you pick up 7 pieces of Junk, damage is increased by 35%. This effect is then added to any weapon or item boosts that are currently in play. 

For example, if The Robot was playing with Ring of the Suncat, the final amount of damage would be 130%.

The effect of the Trashcannon can stack with multiple Junk, further increasing the damage by 25%. When the player gets the Junk Misc, Junk increases the damage of the Trashcannon by +25%,  which does not stack with multiple Junk. 

If you place 3 Junk on a gun, it says "the trashcannon shoots a powerful wide beam that cuts enemies in two" and deals 5680 damage. 

If you place 2 or  3 Junk on a gun, it says "the trashcannon shoots a powerful wide beam that cuts enemies in two" and deals 5680 damage. 

If you place 1 Junk misc. it says "the trash

This increase is not affected by multipliers, but is increased by the base damage of the weapon. 

This effect will always occur when using multiple Junk items in a single shot, and only applies to enemies near where the shot lands.

It increases Junk Cannon damage by 25%, after the fact. 

This is an increase of +25% to the base 50 damage and does not multiply on critical hits, and can occur with any amount of junk repaired. 

It has a small chance to drop from every non-boss enemy in rooms that contain non-boss enemies, and can be repaired for +10 range via the Chronosavior. Two Junk give a Chrono Cross instead of one.