Iron Coin Gungeon

Sep 13, 2021
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Iron Coin is an active item in the game Enter the Gungeon. If picked up, it causes massive damage to anything in close range (even yourself) but gains 5 coins each time it is used. 

Note that this damage is in addition to any active modifiers or synergies.

You’ll battle alone or with a friend in a brand new co-op mode or against your friends in multiplayer versus modes.


There are many items in this, but two things to make note of are the Iron Coin and the Bullet That Can Kill The Past (among others). 

These two items are rather unique for this game because they're actually effects, not items; the difference lies in the fact that effects will activate when an item drops. 

Effects can range from changing your character's state (such as damaging you) to changing the rooms within the current floor (such as creating new enemies or altering room properties).

The Gungeon is a dangerous place, full of vicious enemies. With a large variety of guns and a fast-paced combat system, it can be difficult for players to maneuver around the room, let alone with hordes of enemies. 

The Treasure Room item is a great way to mitigate the situation and make the Gungeon a little easier to conquer! 

Iron Coin 101

The Rat is a boss that can be found by taking the right path from the Forge's "NE" room. A way to beat him with 100% drops is presented here. 

Killing enemies in this way causes the player to receive no money from their kills as they disintegrate as soon as they are killed. 

In addition, pickup drops will likely be stolen by the Rat before the player reaches the room (since he moves faster than the player).

The Iron Coin is a bullet in Enter the Gungeon.  

It can be picked up when the Rat steals an item from the player in the Gungeon, forcing them to fight him in rooms with less ammunition.  

If you don't kill the Rat before he exits the room, then he will leave with any coins that appear in that room.  

The iron coin seems to be identical to an ordinary coin dropped by enemies.

While there are several methods for acquiring an Item, sacrificing the player to the Rat is arguably one of the more unusual ways. 

It is comparable to The Cage, where players are killed in an arena, but with a twist. The difficulty of this room is attributed to efficient play, rather than reliance on random chance or requiring timing or quick movements. 

An example of only one way to finish this room quickly involves not taking damage from any enemies and having enough health to defeat The Rat.

The Iron Coin is a secret item in Enter the Gungeon, located within 3 Treasure Rooms of the Gungeon. The coin allows the player to utilize a Passive Reload skill with three charges, allowing them to rapidly fire their gun. 

Each Passive Reload charge refreshes after killing an enemy or picking up a pickup from Risk or The Casino.

Each coin gives 3 bullets and can grant a charge if picked up while your current charge is already full. If the player has no extra charge, it will grant one instead.

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