Hollyberry Cookie In C-Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 17, 2022
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Hollyberry Cookie Info Card

Hollyberry Cookie is a chocolate heart-shaped cookie who shoots Hollyberry-shaped biscuits at her enemies. She gets along well with Raspberry Cookie, as the two of them are from the same Kingdom, and they were once best friends. 

Later in Cocoa Cookie's story, it is revealed that due to a misunderstanding with her real friend Raspberry and her rival Pistache Cookie, she chose to abandon her kingdom and became an outlaw. After a tough battle, Cocoa Cookie and Royal Gingerbread helped her make up with Pistache, which finally allowed her to go back to the Kingdom.

A native of the Planet Crinklewood, she is the third Ancient Hero to make it into the game. 

Her cake version is the most popular among the ancient heroes' cakes. It resembles a cookie rather than an actual cake (go figure), and clearly depicts cocoa beans on top of it.

She wears a girdle tied around her waist, held up with two small pieces of rope to either side. 

She holds on to a large drawstring pouch filled with Hollyberries in one hand and a cored Hollyberry in the other, which she uses as her weapon. 

Hollyberry Cookie's personality is that of an adventurous dwarf girl who somehow ends up lost within the depths of Fairytale Kingdom without knowing how she got there. 

Despite this, she has remained cheerful because "adventurers never lose hope", earning her the nickname "Hope the Adventurer". 

She eagerly awaits for someone to rescue her from her predicament and does not seem to mind staying within the Cooking Kingdom if it means remaining free and being pampered by Minta.


She has a massive shield that blocks damage taken by all of the Cookies, excluding continuous and indirect damage. 

She boosts the resistance of all of the other Cookies when she uses her skill and she becomes uninterruptible while she uses her skill. Her Oath on the Shield makes her an ideal companion for a delicate or squishy team.

Any Cookie allies surrounded by him will take less damage, excluding continuous damage and indirect damage. 

When Oath on the Shield is used, the Warrior becomes more resistant to interrupting effects and has increased Crit Defense.

During the skill Oath on the Shield, Hollyberry Cookie's capacity to withstand interrupting effects increases. By improving her skill level, she can enjoy the effects of Oath on the Shield more often and use it longer!

She always likes to share with her friends and encourage them to leap into battle, too! As more friends join the party, they become even stronger together... 


She is a fierce warrior who loves to defend the kingdom that she founded. On top of that, Hollyberry Cookie enjoys sparring with the Red Dragon and leads her subjects to victory against them because of her ferocious fighting skills.

She has a love for adventure, excitement, and sparring, often venturing into the wilds on her own. As the ruler of Hollyberry Kingdom, she leads her members in battle to victory over the Red Dragon.

Hollyberry Cookie is the ruler of Hollyberry Kingdom, and last known to have been ruling from Hollyberry Castle. 

She is a fierce fighter who made her way in the wilds of Hollyberry Kingdom, taking down anything in her path. She is no pushover, and her most holy ability, the Hollyberry Beam Technique, even forced The Red Dragon to acknowledge her as the only worthy opponent for them.

Share is the leader of Hollyberry Kingdom, and the reigning queen of the lands. Her fighting spirit is just as fiery as her namesake (Hollyberries are also called Red Berries), as she is able to defeat many powerful opponents in combat, including even the Red Dragon.

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  • After the Heart of Courage and Passion update, it was discovered that a piece of concept art in the Kingdom artbook actually reveals it to be Princess Cookie and Tiger Lily Cookie's grandmother or great-grandmother.
  • She was renowned as one of the most elegant mice in the land, but her beauty became her downfall. Upon breaking the Great Mould's curse, Hollyberry made it her purpose to eliminate the curse forever. It was her love for Tiger Lily that finally broke its hold on them all.
  • She's known for handing out cookies to make everyone happy, and every princess in Sugar Rush has a few homemade treats stashed away somewhere. Her signature kimono outfit makes her stand out from her fellow racers -- something she's not too fond of.