Herb Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 6, 2022
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His position is prioritized to the Rear and needs to be unlocked. When upgraded, he also has a Magic Shot, which deals 8 damage to all Plants in a 3x3 area, and is able to summon Thralls (9h cooldown). Despite being part of the Spiritual-Death Class of Epic Cookies, he's not that powerful compared to other Epic Cookies. 

This weakness can be exploited if you use him in the correct surroundings.

He is the one of the kingdom's five strategic cookies and appears in the side storyline Herb Cookie's New Plant. Herb Cookie is known to use his well placed plants to protect his kingdom's base and fart at enemies that get too close to it.

He found a Cookie snacking on one of them and demanded that he share the plants that he found. The Cookie, shocked by the sudden appearance of Herb Cookie, reacts by creating a self-defense mechanism; a giant leaf (the Cookievorous Cookiesnap) that protects him from Herb Cookie's attacks.

He planted his most recent specimen outside Cookie Run Kingdom, and decided to name it Herb Cookie's Herb Terrace. 

For reasons best known to himself, he decided to entrust this new specimen's care to you. Laughter is about to bloom!

A master botanist, Herb Cookie holds a PhD in plant magic and uses his expert skills to grow rare plants and crops from around the world. 

Herb Cookie is best friends with Peppermint Larry, and relies on his advice when it comes to planting seeds.


Sunny Garden is the benefactor of Skill In Cookie Run Kingdom. This Herb Cookie can erase all debuffs from the party and create a wonderful little garden on the ground, removing debuffs and restoring HP for the whole team. Standing near it also restores HP over time.

To formulate a better herb, Cookie has splended the basics of gardening in many games. Also she can create an enormous garden that covers all around her with or without boundaries. The garden restores a good amount of HP each time Cookie gains levels when destroyed. 

She can also do farming by using seeds to grow more herbs every second. The effect of HP restoration can be stacked up to 3 times. The insane amount of herbs in her garden appear blue―like the color which represents the wind element, the Blue Flutes.

This particular cookie has a laugh that is said to brighten even rainy days! 

Ever since she was little her parents would leave her in the garden to play. 

She uses some of the seeds from plants in her garden as ingredients for her cookies. She also has a pet scythe who transforms into a weapon when used in battle.

Herb Facts

  • Herb Cookie is a well-known character in Cookie Run. Herb Cookie is a veteran player with many sweets hidden away in his storage. He likes to stroll around everywhere in the Kingdom, and meet up new friends/rivals. Herb Cookie's special ability is to "draw" plants from the ground and throw them on wherever he goes. He's also an old friend of Witchy and is often seen eating cookies with her.
  • Herb Cookie is a regular cookie who dreams of being able to slide like his idol, OvenBreak! In Cookie Run Kingdom, he dons an oven mitt and carries a tray on his back. With the help of Sprinting Candy and Super Ginger, he slides up and down to avoid obstacles and take cookies.
  • Herb Cookie is a character in Cookie Run Kingdom, a casual action game. Herb is the prince of the World of Shen Nong and the main protagonist of the game. 
  • Her original name was Han Zhuoli, which literally means fragrant ice-dry grass in Chinese. He used to be an ordinary human before he reincarnated into a little ice fairy with no memories of his previous life. 
  • After learning that he was betrayed by his mother, the Goddess of Ice, he would set out on a journey to restore his memories and reclaim his rightful throne.