Heavy Boots Item In Enter The Gungeon

Nov 16, 2021
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heavy boots gungeon info card

It was added in The Bullet to all characters after being unlocked for 499 bones by 10% of players during the first month of release. This makes Heavy Boots the most commonly found item in the game. 

In its active form, Heavy Boots gives Isaac a pair of ramming boots which deal 5 piercing damage to enemies upon contact, as well as damaging Isaac to half a heart.

The heavy boots allow you to run through bullets and blocks without taking damage, and also deflects other enemy projectiles. 

These items are extremely useful for dodging bullets, especially bullet hell rooms. While very costly (20 cells), these boots will make you unhittable for a few seconds, which can be longer than some bosses' attack patterns.

If, during that time, you can reach another room or exit of any kind before the timer runs out, they’ll give you a major speed boost for a few seconds, making it easier to escape enemies. 

Otherwise, they slow you down a good bit both in speed and jump height.

They will then use this speed to lay down blocks in the direction they are falling. 

This effect can be useful for quickly falling through floors or falling onto enemies, although falling too far causes an unavoidable death for all characters.


With said boots, not only can you walk to the beat of your own drum, but it prevents the player from being moved by external forces. These forces include: enemy knockback, gun recoil, conveyor belts, and ice patches. 

This item is just fun to use, and essentially makes the game into a platformer for a little while. 

It will help you play around with speedrunning strategies, because it negates any sort of slowing down factor that would drop your speed below maximum velocity.

The Heavy boots also grant immunity to most movement altering effects, such as ice patches and conveyor belts. 

Despite not appearing in the original launch trailer for Enter the Gungeon , this item was still included in the final release.


I’ve probably put over 30 hours into the game and even then I come across enemies and bosses that can beat me. 

That’s because Enter the Gungeon is a game about synergy, about stacking your upgrades correctly so you’re invincible.

The item can be upgraded further by obtaining more coins, allowing the weapon to fire multiple shots and/or bursts for less coins per shot or burst. 

If both Mahoguny and Synergy are obtained, it will fire four explosive shots at a time (twelve with Explosive Clips (Move 1)), and fires almost twice as fast as normal, helping solve its main issue: ammo consumption.

It shoots a slow-moving and large bullet that deals full contact damage and 1 heart of poison damage. This gun's accuracy is relatively low due to recoil, but its very low shot speed can make it more reliable in most circumstances.