Golden Cheese Cookie In C-Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 22, 2022
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When she was queen, she made her very own kingdom named after her--the Golden cheese Kingdom. This kingdom included a powerful group of warriors known as the Golden Cheese Knights. However, one day, they all mysteriously vanished. There was no proof that they died out; it just seemed like they had vanished into thin air.

Her efforts were proven successful in getting rid of Sunbyeong Yeol's corrupt influence by earning the citizens' trust back. 

She also helped prevent the Sunboro Yeol crisis by eliminating Cheolwon's invasion of the kingdom, and then ended it completely with her lifelong rival Son Byeong Yeol in the final moments of that chaotic memory.  

After uniting in harmony with the lost souls and helping them relive their former lives with hopes for a new future, she led every citizen of Cheoriwan back to the Golden Cheese Kingdom where they are now living peacefully in harmony as one.

Golden Cheese Cookie is a character featured in the mobile game, Cookie Run: Kingdom. She is one of the ancient heroes and is only briefly playable in the Prologue. 

Golden Cheese Cookie is the founder and queen of the Golden Cheese Kingdom, a kingdom where all cheesecakes reside and protected by a great stone cheese tower.

She became the battle queen and leader of the royal army after going through serious training piled on her by her mother. However, during the process, she lost her brother, Yellow Cheddar. She has a stron

Her swift agility allows her to attack with both daggers at once. She is able to summon her royal mount, Kika, with whom she shares an unbreakable bond.g personality and will do anything to save her country.

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Her skill, "Cherry Bomb", rapidly fires arrows at a single enemy. This skill quickly lowers the cooldown on this skill, leading into another barrage of arrows and repeatedly lowering her cooldown. 

As long as her foes have enough health to survive a wave of arrows, she has a lot of utility for supporting her team and dealing damage.

Used wisely, she'll boost her team's attack and help them mow down enemies like never before.

She aims where her arrows land and they are sure to cause devastating damage! Her bow glows with magic in battle, and she uses it to snipe enemies from afar.

Whenever you want to take out the most powerful enemies on the field, just wait until they're bunched together and use Explosive Shot to deliver rapid fire arrow attacks at them all! Always has room for dessert but never has time for sweets; she isn't a Chocco-holic, don't worry.

She is speculated to be the sharpshooter minion, which is why her bow can cover long ranged attacks. Her bow is also carved with a bear, butterfly and a cupcake that might hint the art will change, but we have no other information than what you see above.

When the team is tired from a long battle, she can trigger her "Arrow Rain" skill, ignoring all enemy DEF, causing heavy damage and increasing the team's overall ATK.

A mysterious cheese-like cookie. Golden Cheese Cookies do not know their own age, and instead spend the hours of their day doing whatever they feel like. It's said that the longer a Golden Cheese Cookie is left alone in one spot, the more it will grow.


  • She owns a small, empty bakery that she is trying her best to fix up so it could be considered a proper place to operate as a store. Her background was mentioned briefly in The Update That Changed the World.
  • When eaten, the player's moon-bloon popping power is increased on the next life. The boost stacks with the Large Magic Pop and the Small Magic Pop.