GingerBrave In Cookie Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 11, 2022
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GingerBrave Info Card

GingerBrave is the main protagonist of Cookie Run: Kingdom. GingerBrave starts out as a green cookie with a simple mustache. At Lv. 30, he becomes GingerMage who wears a purple robe with a crown and has a long Vandyke beard with a mustache on his face. 

He is also wearing a flower garland around his neck. At Lv.60, GingerBrave becomes GingerKnight in armor, who is equipped with a shield along with his sword and carries an ax on his back that he can equip if needed.

He and his partners are from the planet Candy Star, a planet filled with sweets. 

One day, GingerBrave woke up in the mysterious and dark Realm where he was attacked by monsters and found Princess Anna. 

He joined forces with her to find out why they ended up in the Realm and destroy it once and for all.

He is bound to protect his kingdom against any threat with his reliable shield and sword. 

His techniques allow him to put his allies in the frontline and weaken his enemies, speed up the SP recovery of the whole team, or find out the enemies' position.

GingerBrave is a courageous, brave, cool and cute Gingerbread who keeps wandering around in search of discovering anything new. 

He likes to make friends with anyone around him, but for that you have to help him by clearing the paths he cannot walk on otherwise.

He is your icon in Cookie Run Kingdom, as dozens of characters take part in the battle across an epic map filled with adventure and peril. 

GingerBrave is specialized at speed, but still has the skills to keep up with his enemies should they outwit him.

He and his pals Tom, Emmy, Harry, and Amanda are planning to go on a picnic in the forest. When they're done, they'll travel around the world to see all of the landmarks. 

There's just one thing that stands in their way: The ferocious monsters that live in Candyland…


He will use his special dash to run forward and knock down any enemies in his way. When he runs out of dash, he will use his special skill to refuel all dash energy. When this skill is on, he can dash any time.

He specializes in Speed Runs and defeating enemies quickly. He's quite the jack of all trades and shreds most types of cookies regardless of his level because he can feed off of just about any type of cookie. His favorite pets are the Cookie Wolves and they work very well together.

Some skills were removed from the game and can only be purchased in different events, like The Flag of Brave from the Elf Story event or Lucky Drill from the Universal Celebration event.

He has to fight against evil monsters with his dash skill, gather as many cookies as possible from all the stages in order to save the cookie kingdom. And he can use coins to purchase more items and upgrades. BraveDash, courage on the run!


There are skull shaped buttons on his tummy, and he is the only character in Cookie Run with buttons on his tummy. He carries a white candy cane with red stripes. He is the fourth brave to join Neru's team.

He has a domineering personality, as evident by his desire to become the king of Cookie Island. 

His unique talent lets him summon special presents like Candy Cane Cannons and Candyhammer Hammers that can help him destroy obstacles.

He does not seem to be affiliated with anyone or anything in particular, nor does he appear to hold any morals. 

He usually appears whenever a correspondent is ready to go on his/her last run, and at the end of the game when he shatters the magic globe that they were being observed by, leaving them vulnerable to the monsters' attacks.

He was sent to the kingdom for training by the North Pole king. However, he is an easygoing one, not taking his job too seriously, appearing in many places and rarely finishing his tasks. 

The chocolate cake he has at his disposal makes him even more lazy, but he unwillingly helps everyone out of trouble and unwittingly becomes a hero.

GingerBrave Facts

  • After the Witch's House incident, GingerBrave was placed in a shelter for old monsters. One day, GingerBrave ate all of his food and decided to escape. Since he had no one to escape with him, he took an old shoe, some chickens and his friend Doggy with him. Using the shoes and chickens to knock down trees, gingerBrave escapes down a bridge leading to safety of the wilderness.
  • Although Ginger Braves is under the witch's curse, it is not all bad. Your hero has some new companions in his castle by the sea. The mischievous and cheerful little gnomes help GingerBrave while they themselves explore the secrets behind the Witch's curse.
  • He is a brave and enterprising young monster who dreams of one day becoming as strong as his hero, Muscle Cookie. When he discovered that the secret to Muscle Cookie's strength lay in mitochondria that could be found in Choco Drops, GingerBrave rushed to the Amusement Park Kingdom and hunted for the mysterious white packets hidden throughout.