Full Metal Jacket Item Explained (Enter The Gungeon)

Nov 17, 2021
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Full metal jacket info card

The Full Metal Jacket is located in the Gungeon Blacksmith shop for 50,000. It makes the player immune to fall damage, but only if they have Elder Blank. The player can still collect health and mana orbs when they normally would when falling. 

It grants the player bullet-proof armor, which consists of headgear and body armor. Should the player suffer from fall damage, the player will only take half of the damage that they would normally take. 

However, should the player take damage before hitting the ground, they will take full damage.

In the past, if a player fell from a sufficient distance on to a sufficient surface, damage would trigger. If the player was wearing Full Metal Jacket, only the initial fall damage would trigger and all further damage from landing on a surface would be negated.

This effect can be triggered by both non-periodic and periodic sources of damage, but will not activate if your health is already low enough to die from the damage you received.


A blank slide is when one of the player's blanks are used to prevent an enemy attack. An example would be if the player is about to get hit by a deadly enemy, then uses Atlas' blank to "blank slide" that attack.

Enter The Gungeon is a phenomenal game. 

I’m not surprised by how much it has grown in popularity since its release. 

But for me, it was definitely underrated, having been released just before Christmas 2015, when Alpha Frost came into my life.

When used, all shots are fired as blank shots which have no effect, save for that it also shoots projectiles which bump into walls or obstacles. 

This allows the player to activate most items with no risk of taking damage from them, making it especially useful for getting past temporarily-invulnerable enemies.


In the western part of the United States, from Las Vegas to Texas, you will be able to find a gun store close enough to purchase a full metal jacket weapon. These stores are a constant threat to the well-being of society. 

People who buy full metal jackets have much shorter life spans than those that don't. It's just a fact. Support our local police and go kill these human scum!

It is a type of bullet used by the Bullet Kin. True to its name, using this item fires a full metal jacketed slug projectile which deals decent damage with medium fire rate.