Frost Queen Cookie In C-Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 15, 2022
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Frost Queen Info Card

The Frost Queen Cookie is sure to make an impression with her frosty treats, icy magic and beautiful gown. When it comes to the Legendary Class, unlike the other cookies, they do not fight on the battlefield but cower behind clouds of magic from afar. 

Frost Queen's ability is Snowstorm which spawns a blizzard around the opponent that pushes and damages opposing troops. 

Her attacks are larger than any other cookie and cause freezing for 3 seconds. 

Her Legendary Building is the Castle of Ice which creates snowballs that freeze enemies for several seconds, dealing damage over time as well.

She is of the Magic Family, has a very nearly identical skill set to her unvanquished sister, Lucky Cookie and they both can be used to complete an easy level 14 Portal of Ice or beyond. In addition, they have great potential as support chips for enemy bases in Chips-Versus-Cookie.

She has her own island, which costs 1,350,000 cookies to travel to. She pushes back drastically everywhere except for the middle lane, where she doesn't push back as hard but is stronger than an ordinary Wizard's Spell of the same level.

She brings a bitter wind in her surroundings and causes a blizzard at the battlefield. Just like Cotton, she comes from the "Cream Collector" branch, they both collected sweet frosting to heal their wounds when they were Snow Fairies back then.

Queen Frost is a royal and majestic cookie who makes cookies based off of frosting, cupcakes, and even gingerbread houses.

In the Frosty area, she can slow down all of the Frozen Cookies, giving players a great advantage against them. Her ability will last as long as there are unfrozen cookies on the screen so you'll have a chance to take more time to think on your moves. 

She is greatly known for her ability to evade damage and freeze enemies with her attack, but she does not have much health as a result. She is best used either for support or for challenging dungeons when there are few other options.


She offers a fresh new look, with her adorable snowflake-filled overskirt and frosty-white hair bows. But don't let her warm appearance fool you—she blasts enemies with a chill that locks them in ice, completely freezing them!

 As an extra bonus, she also sets off delicious Icicle Crashes!

Frost Queen is a female ice sorcerer who is an incarnation of snow and hail. 

She wields an icicle staff to deal heavy damage to her enemies. 

Her personal skill, Frosty Snowman, can be used to damage all the enemies surrounding her by summoning snowmen that explode after a certain time.

She wields an icicle staff to deal heavy damage to her enemies. Her personal skill, Frosty Snowman, can be used to damage all the enemies surrounding her by summoning snowmen that explode after a certain time.

Talent: Freezing Squall

Frost Queen Cookie is a ranged Caster with a passive called Freeze Aura that causes her attacks to slow enemies and afflict them with a Freeze debuff, dealing bonus damage if the target is still frozen once the debuff expires. 

Her main skill, Freezing Squall, deals damage to enemies and freezes them for a short duration. If the target is frozen and receives extra damage when thawed, its cooldowns will be paused while frozen.

Freezing Squall will rip enemies a new one and freeze them in place while they are getting pounded. Frozen enemies won't be able to move, attack or use skills, but they will take additional damage when thawed.

This skill is one that should not be interrupted as it could change the course of battle. She will become resistant to interrupting effects and inflict additional damage periodically!

Frost Queen Facts

  • Players who want to level up fast will enjoy its package of special abilities. The Frostbitten Ice Tower grants courage and boosts energy, allowing players to dash across the map faster than ever before. However, it's not all about individual power. The Glittering Winter Tree gives godly energy that helps your entire team upgrade more quickly, allowing them to join the fight sooner and stay there longer.
  • She is a variant of Cookie with a different coloration and a giant symbol on its forehead. It may have some sort of connection to the other two Cookies, or represent their combined power.
  • She uses magic to summon frozen over bugs that she controls and makes use of in battle. A narcissistic individual, Frost Queen Cookie loves the cold and finds the hot summer days unbearable.
  • She sits on a blanket of freshly fallen snow garnished with elegant hand painted flowers and dotted with tiny blue and purple glass gems. Everything about this ornament is unique; the flowers were hand-painted by artisans who craft these decorations by hand.

Voice Actress

Cristina Vee (English)

Passionate, fiery and talented, Cristina Vee is a young voice actress who strives to have fun and entertain the world with her voice. She is not just a voice actor, but also a writer for anime and video games.

Cris has performed English voice over roles for anime, animation and video games. She has voiced characters including Noel Vermillion from the Blazblue series, Velvet Crowe from Tales of Berseria and Fem!Ryu in Street Fighter V Season 2.

Sayaka Ohara

We mostly associate Ohara with very cheerful characters, because most of her major roles are as such. She certainly reminds us of our childhood, with her roles in Layla Hamilton in Kaleido Star, Yūko Ichihara in xxxHolic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Alicia Florence in Aria, Beatrice in Umineko no Naku Koro ni…

Sayaka Ohara is widely considered to have one of the most versatile and lovely voices in the Japanese voice acting industry. For example, she portrays characters as both cool and reserved such as Yūko Ichihara in xxxHolic and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle as well as characters that are energetic, emotional and unpredictable like Layla Hamilton in Kaleido Star. She is best known for portraying high-quality leading roles in many anime.