Eyepatch Item in Enter The Gungeon

Nov 22, 2021
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Eyepatch info card

It is obtained after defeating the boss The Mask of Infamy. Enemies affected by this item will spin around if they get hit, causing them to shoot in random directions, masking their original shots. However, this will not prevent bullets from destroying walls and cover, which might make it hard for certain bosses.

 This item can also greatly benefit any character when used properly. 

The third highest damage buff in the game when combined with the much higher than normal modifier on it, you can be doing 300% + damage much earlier than other characters that rely on board stat modifiers to hit hard. 

When used in the correct situations where you don't risk missing minions or bullets, using this skill can cause enemies to take tower damage, especially if they are weak against your types of attacks.

This synergy references the main character of the game, who is an amnesiac gunslinger with no memory, dressed in trenchcoat and wielding a sword. 

He claims at first that he's not wearing an eyepatch but then reveals that he does have an eye patch. 

The game itself has only one more point of entry for him to enter the gungeon, so it makes sense that he be forced to remove his eyesight if he wants to fight (or more specifically kill) there.


Its effects are similar to those of the Stomach or Stomach Expansion, but it also increases post-damage spread by 65%, making shots less accurate like the crossbow or any melee weapon.

The Eyepatch can increase a gun's damage by 35%, but at the cost of spreading your shots out more, making the gun less accurate. 

It brings a total of 5 health to guns that have 3 or less.

This item is for players who deal a lot of damage and want to kill bosses in one hit without any skill. The trade off is that it decreases spread, making your shots land in a smaller area. 

The item screams less accuracy, but I’d actually argue the opposite is true - it forces you to be more accurate in order to handle the increased shot spread - there’s not much room for error.

It looks like a patch covering one of the character's eyes, similar to a pirate or a cyborg. This increases damage but also increases shot spread, making the shot pattern less accurate.


Odin, the All-Father, is one of the three gods in the game. He first appears alongside his son Woden, offering to help The Player on their quest if they say no to fighting Gozu. 

For the first two floors, he provides the player with a contact shot, which replaces their shots for that floor with homing shots that deal continuous damage to enemies. 

As he is a Norse god associated with specific letters of the Elder Futhark, one of the oldest runic alphabets, his name is represented by two runes: ᛟ ᛉ ᛡ. 

This special item is known as "the Eyepatch", and it is considered the rarest item in the game. 

While the game always rewards new players with this item, it does not appear on two player runs, nor does it on runs started with cheats enabled. 

As such, Eyepatch is especially difficult to find for these players.

He was ready to end all of the evil in this world. He thrust the spear into the ground, creating an eye to overlook all of Midgard. 

As Odin gazed through his new eye he could see the evils in all men’s hearts. It was then when he realized that there was no way to truly rid the world of evil without causing more to grow in its place.