Espresso Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 4, 2022
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His attacks have a short charge time, so players have to lead their taps. Additionally, they deal little damage. At his primary best, he can spawn Blue or Red Lightning Aura or Rainbow Aura. He can help players easily handle tough waves with support skills.

His Epic Questline is Cookie Run Kingdom and his placement location can be changed in the Cookie Combos section of the Bakery. He is obtained by buying the most expensive plot of land available at Gardenia's shop.

Perfectly balanced & persistent, the value of these cookies is forever increasing. This cookie deals damage in an area around it, and the longer it stays alive, the more powerful it becomes.

Espresso is a well-known coffee expert, who can be found serving coffee to patients at the Parfaedia Institute. He specializes in the advanced course, Theorems of Coffee Magic. His research has made him one of the most renowned coffee scholars of our time.

Furthermore, Espresso Cookie is able to transform into Espresso Bear, a variation of his standard counterpart. 

His clothing is beige and brown, as befits a scholar, mixing part suit and part alchemy robes. He has long light brown hair that was later cut short in Parfaedia and has grown long again in the Saga of the Northern Portals expansion, blue eyes, and light skin.


Permanent skill that deals magic area damage to enemies by causing a giant whirlwind to appear. 

The whirlwind inflicts serial damage with each pass and pulls enemies towards the center of its rotation. Enemies damaged by the whirlwind are immune to crowd control effects for a certain period of time.

Battling has never been more fun than with the skillfully crafted and goofy characters of Cookie Run Kingdom. 

Use a giant whirlwind to inflict area damage, knocking back enemies and pulling them into the center. 

This skill is great for interrupting skills.

One day, the trainer decided to use his whirlwind skills to help improve his barista skills. He could turn a mediocre cup of coffee into a work of art!

Even if you're not a master of magic, you can experience what it's like with just one cookie! 

Grind the beans, put them in your magical mixing barrel, add the ingredients, and out comes your own freshly baked espresso! 

Of course you can't make real magic from a single cookie. It takes skill to make great coffee.


Espresso Cookie always speaks informally, though he has a preference for using formal words (such as the pronouns “we”, “us”, and “our”), which gives him an official tone. 

This can be perceived as pretentious by other cookies (especially from his sister, Chiffon Cookie), who sometimes describe his manner of speech as fake. 

He speaks very politely to people he is acquainted with and respects (such as Alchemist Cookie), though being overly formal can come off as awkward or pompous.

He has poor table manners and is rather formal, but he has a positive rapport with other cookies and often looks for opportunities for them to share their findings. 

Even though his life goal is to be the greatest magic cookie that ever lived, he still indulges in non-magic related activities like reading, cooking and watching soap operas.

 He adores his creations, especially Madeleine Cookie, is proud to serve them, and will defend them as necessary. His rationality does not extend outside of this love for delicacies; he holds irony in high regard for its effectiveness to pleasure one's self via morbid means (though only among close associates). Despite his somewhat detached logic from others, he finds pride in "helping" those in need, such as by advising Alchemists or baking a batch of cookies to satiate a growing rumbling. 

How he assists may or may not have much impact on the intended person's wellbeing; however, it can be said that he always offers help in a manner sufficient to most likely help.

He has a cookie for each occasion, as he expresses in his introduction to Pastry Candy. 

When it comes to battles, he is calm and collected, being able to suppress his anger during a myriad of situations. His skill is not to be underestimated-- he can be ruthless if you fail to comply with his orders or get in his way. 

He works as Madeleine's manager and assists her with all kinds of duties. Being a perfectionist he tries to aid and assist her as best as he can to make her succeed, but there are moments where his effort are not enough (and even unnecessary), which causes him to be rather impatient with Madeleine.

Espresso Cookie Facts

  •   This coffee-loving friend packs a lot of punch in its diminutive size.  Espresso Cookie can be unlocked in Cookie Run Kingdom , a fascinating world full of ingredients, upgrades and cookie manufacturing machines. The most important difference between Madeleine Cookie and Espresso Cookie is that the latter one can change into one of its three upgraded forms (Ultimate Fighter Cookie, Max Speed Upgrade, Aero-Cookie, respectively), and each of them has all new special skills. So no matter which form you chose to unlock and upgrade, you will always be rewarded with the most efficient way to clear blocks.
  •  Espresso Cookie is a new character introduced in Lifetime Heroes. Espresso Cookie has 2 Skill(Lv1 & Lv10) and his Skill effect is 'Randomly gains 1~5 Gold Bars'. Espresso Cookie is one of the first 4 kinds of cookies introduced in the Cookie Run series and the first Non-Strawberry characters in Cookie Run history. Upgrading cookie's Skill to level 10, you could get more increasing value than Lv1 itself.
  • She has summoned you to collect as many magical ingredients as possible: sugar cubes, pastries and chocolate spread. These ingredients function as power-ups for Coffee Magic.
  • He has been studying the use of magic for some time, and has recently succeeded in producing his very own spell: Grinding. The Grinding spell allows Cookie to skate on air for a short duration of time, which proves useful for shaving seconds off his race times.