+30 Enter the Gungeon Items Explained 

Nov 26, 2021
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The items in Enter the Gungeon are items players find for their characters. 

These can be passive upgrades, active abilities, or single-use consumables. Items fall into three categories: common, uncommon, and rare. 

Rare items can be found by opening chests, defeating bosses, purchasing them from shops or receiving them from NPCs.

Some of them become more powerful as you use them, but others last just for a single run. They can be very useful if you know when to use them!

The next day they decided to marry. A year later they gave birth to three children - who they named Bullet, Shopkeeper and Treasure Chest. 

These three went on to become the greatest warriors in the universe. 

While its controls, visuals, and bosses are based on The Binding of Isaac, it plays nothing like it. Its gameplay is inspired by the first two Souls games.

Prime Primer

It can be used to grant a single room a limited amount of time in which every enemy will drop a pickup upon death. 

This item recharges after a short period of time, and can grant priming status to several rooms before going on cooldown again. 

The item was added in alpha 7.6, replacing the first runed door, and was kept even after it was moved to the starting room first phase of the game.


Iron Coin

It is a currency item that can be used to complete a room within a floor. 

The usage of the item will kill all enemies in a random unexplored room on the current floor, opening up any barriers or entrances that were present. 

It will also destroy any breakable objects in the process, acting as an explosion of sorts.

One of those is called ‘Iron Coin’. This item is a reference to a past joke from their previous game ‘Gungeon’ which is now known as ‘Enter the Gungeon’. 

It’s a very useful item, but can have some negative side effects if it lands in a room with enemies that you didn’t see prior. 

You should also note that you can turn into a cowboy if you hold it long enough.



Spice is an active item that becomes the most coveted item in any room by replacing weapons, items, and pickups from chests, room drops, and shops. 

And unlike other active items that are limited to only one use per purchase, Spice can be used unlimited times after it is found once. 

This means the more rooms players enter with Spice in their inventory, the higher the chances of encountering more valuable weapons, item, and pickup drops.

It's no secret that there are many different weapons, items, and pickups in the game. 

Everyone has their favorites, but nothing can compare to the gun that starts out as a baseball bat, then becomes a rifle, shotgun, twin swords, crossbow that shoots homing missiles, then finally back to a rifle which then fires lasers that turn into homing missiles. 

Busted Television


It belongs to the Bullet Kin series of items and resembles a small tree formed by roots. 

This item, when held at the character's side, slows down player movement, but preserves all other characteristics of items such as double jump and movement speed.

It increases max health by a fixed amount, not a percentage. It has a catch though. 

When a player receives damage, health regenerates for a fraction of a second before dropping to its original value. 

This effect doesn't work if the character's base health is lower than any given damage taken from one hit.

+1 Bullets


It grants the player an additional 3 Coolness, which decreases active item cooldown by 1-2 seconds and increases the chance of items dropping when clearing rooms. 

The Coolness displayed with this item does not represent its actual in-game value, which can be seen with the item in hand at any time.

It affects many parts of the game including your chances for an item drop. 

This makes having Coolness increase as you play the game appealing for any player. Naturally, there are ways to increase Coolness other than Ballot

There are trinkets that increase Coolness, as well as items that reduce weapons cooldowns to make them more efficient. 

Decreasing your weapons' cool down time is incredibly helpful in clearing rooms with ease and speed.


They can be found in rooms and dropped by enemies and bosses. Holding on to them for a few seconds will use them. 

When used, they damage the player and remove all armor they have on. It can matter if they were armor or just regular clothing.

When picked up, it will also permanently decrease the player's health by half a heart, but interestingly Armor pickups do not decrease in value if you pick them up with Cigarettes.

Baby Good Mimic


It does not appear in regular chests or shops. 

This item can be found by defeating certain minibosses, including Mr. Fred, the Baron, The Lost Revenant, Gorgun and The Mask of Infamy.

It can be picked up by the player, and thrown at enemies to inflict a variety of status effects on them. Only one may be carried by a player at a time, and using it will permanently consume it.

Brick of Cash

With the shipwrecked gunslinger society of Enter the Gungeon, developer Dodge Roll Games makes no secret that its players are expected to loot endlessly for better weapons, items that increase health or ammunition, and secrets. 

At first, this purchasing of items seems haphazard.

However, there is a method to reward players with additional money (the premium currency used in Lets Talk Shop) and supply chests (which randomly unleash either health or ammo). 

Brick of Cash will reveal secret room entrances with a small brick gesturing towards the wall. 

If the player takes the hint, he/she will find all kinds of bonus items including more money inside.

Yellow Chamber

The Yellow Chamber is a rare random bullet that will cause the player to walk towards enemies upon entering any room they are in. 

This is very useful for areas with tough enemies, as you will be dealing damage to all of them at once.

Honey Chamber is an unsettling, yet useful gun. Its special ability is to charm enemies for a short time upon walking into any room. 

This means that if you use it right, the gun will significantly decrease the speed at which enemies come towards you. 

Due to its low range and high fire rate, it is rather pointless to use against bosses. It WILL stun them for a short duration if fired while they are reloading though.

Mimic Tooth Necklace

Mimic tooth item some features

Ser Junkan

Enter the Gungeon is a roguelite bullet hell dungeon crawler where you play a hero who’s trying to get to the bottom of a gungeon. 

You have a few tools at your disposal to help you do this, but it’s up to the player to decide the best way to go about it. 

One way of doing this is by using Ser Junkan, a passive item in Enter the Gungeon. 

Ser Junkan is located somewhere in the Gungeon and has a chance of replacing any regular piece of junk that you find after destroying chests. 

He also has a small chance of replacing any vanilla weapon or item that you find throughout your journey as well as almost every chest and potion found within shops and coin rooms.

Ring of Chest Friendship

Ring of Chest Friendship is a friendship-exclusive item for use in the Enter the Gungeon videogame. 

It is obtained by befriending Ring of Friendship, and can be traded at The Blacksmith for one Silver Bullet or one other friendship-exclusive item. 

Chuck the other two rings into the chest Chuck finds in front of him to unlock it and reap its rewards!

Loot Bag

When using this item, a ring of chests will circle around the player and enemies. 

The ring will disappear after a short time or if the player dies. While the ring persists, weapons and items outside shops or in shops spawned by Chests and Shops respectively will be replaced (but cannot be green chests, treasure rooms or shops) with weapons and items from outside your gungeon (this includes maxed out items). 

At the top center of the screen is displayed how many Legendary items have been obtained from the ring.

Old Crest

Clown Mask

The Clown Mask (which replaces the Bullet that is unlocked by default) will shoot out confetti in an arc towards the left, right, or both directions, which inflict the Confusion debuff to enemies on contact.

Any enemy affected by Confusion will move forward while confused for some seconds before returning to normal. 

A new confetti ball (still inflicting confusion) will be created for every 200 game range units traveled while wearing the mask.

Bloodied Scarf


A Daruma is an item that will be introduced in the game Enter the Gungeon. 

It will be an active weapon meaning it will act like any ordinary weapon until you press the active ability key (default number 1). 

Upon activating you'll erase your bullets and become unable to shoot for a short time. 

The amount of erased bullets depends on how many you rolled via the dash.

Elder Blank

It can be found in Chests or given to the player by the Dealer if they have a Blank Companion's Ring.

The item fires a blank shot that slows down enemies and, after a second or two, changes most enemies into a smaller version of Red for a brief period of time. 

Enemies have a chance to drop items after being miniaturized.


It often appears after destroying chests. It is a piece of trash that doesn't do anything, yet it looks so cool! Junk was a concept item in the original prototype of Enter the Gungeon. 

"It was just an item that didn't really do anything but looked cool," says producer Dave Crooks." Apparently Ted Martens, one of the game's designers, really loved this asset and decided to turn it into a full Item.

Lament Configurum

One of the most interesting and useful active items in Enter the Gungeon is Lament Configurum. 

It's a rare drop from the Brown Chest at the shop with a cost of $2850. While it only spawns 3-5 enemies if you use it, this active item provides massive benefits if you choose to waste it on a weapon or item pickup. 

Today we'll discuss how Lament fits into your build and what tactics you can use against it. We'll also discuss some options for using this gun as well as how to counter it for Expert and Advanced players.

Wax Wings

Wax Wings Explaning


Drill into the chests of Enter the Gungeon to unlock secret rooms with special rewards. Certain chests are concealed with black boxes that can only be opened with the Drill active item.

If used on a locked chest, it will teleport the player to a large version of the chest room, where they must survive one to five waves of enemies. 

Surviving the enemies will unlock the chest. 30 waves are guaranteed to be generated for each dungeon; however, there may be fewer than that amount on very small/short dungeons.

Arcane Gunpowder

Arcane Gunpowder can be found in the Black Powder Mine. This mine is filled with vast pits and concealed platforms. 

When lit, the powder covers an area that can kill enemies below or melt ice. 

It also lights up dark areas and illuminates any surfaces coated in the powder for several seconds.


Broccoli: A helpful food that can be found in shops across the Gungeon. 

It is said to possess mystical healing properties, making it a popular pick for health-conscious monsters. 

If you're looking to take in the many benefits of Broccoli, look no further than our shop in the Gungeon's Breach.

Ruby Bracelet

Ruby Bracelet appears as a band of rubies worn around the wrist. When a gun is thrown, it will explode, dealing 30 damage to all nearby enemies for a brief moment before exploding a second time, dealing 120 damage to all nearby enemies instead. 

The splash from the explosion does not harm the user.

Duct Tape

It combines two guns, allowing the creation of a new weapon with the attributes of both. 

The combination gun fires the projectiles produced by both guns. If one of the inputs has special projectiles, they will be copied to the output gun.

This one-handed item is an active item that comes with a pair of gats – combine them with duct tape to have the bullets from the first gun coat the second one in sticky lead.

Gnawed Key

The Gnawed Key is located in the shop in the Forge, and after defeating the Wall of Flesh to obtain the Chapel map. 

It itself is not found in a chest or secret, and can only be bought for 1000. 

It has a 0.25% (1/400) chance to drop from any enemy and will drop if an enemy dies before their shot hits anything (including shots that ricochet back towards them).

Ring of Mimic Friendship

Open a chest and a mimic pops out! Don't be fooled though, this isn't just any old chest. 

You have been gifted, or cursed I suppose, with a friendship ring from the Mimic King. 

Mimics now consider you a friend and will not attack you as long as you don't attack them first. 

Theis basic basic utility ring allows you to mimic the mimic.

Weird Egg

It restores all of his health but also hatches, revealing a baby Gungeon Embryo. 

Activating the egg again kills the embryo and summons The Musket, which will shoot at enemies with its rifle or charge at them on foot.

Platinum Bullet

Sixth Chamber

You've discovered the Sixth Chamber, a mysterious and powerful item. 

While active, it builds up its charges over time and then unleashes them fully charged. 

Book of Chest Anatomy

Once unlocked by the gun, chests and doors will appear to be new enemy types - literally Mimics. These are entities similar to Chests or Locked Doors, but are blueish-purple in color, take two hits to open, shoot bullets at Isaac upon opening, will turn into an item if destroyed, can self-destruct after a time, leave blood when left alone long enough, and cannot jump onto another wall if shot or pushed off. 

Bullet That Can Kill The Past

The player can use it to kill any of their former selves they've previously visited, and will render them unable to be encountered again. 

This allows players to visit certain rooms multiple times without running into too many enemies at once. 

Heavy Boots