Enter The Gungeon Clown Mask Explained

Sep 16, 2021
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The Clown Mask is a passive item in Enter the Gungeon. When equipped, it gives the player slower falling speed and immunity towards pushing walls, provided they aren't already pushing against one. 

It also breaks the character's fall if they are touching one of these walls. 

It also allows the player to destroy certain projectiles by shooting them; this is done for free and doesn't count as a shot.

The latter can sometimes prove very useful, allowing for more mobility without losing too much time.

This can be useful for getting through tight corridors without wasting precious ammo.

The Clown Mask gives the player immunity to pushing walls, making it quite useful for avoiding pushing one into a new enemy or trap. It also grants a slower falling speed, giving the player more time to move around before landing on a floor.

If you meet an untimely demise while wearing the mask, the final bullet spreads outwards like a fountain instead of going straight down at an angle.

It also gives the player slower falling speed which is quite helpful on some floors. The only downside is that it doesn't stop you from getting pushed into spikes. 

This item protects the player from certain projectiles, but leaves them vulnerable to others. Clown Masks can also be placed on enemies to set them on fire.

The clown mask will not be able to prevent bullets fired by bosses or any other character from pushing you around. This, however, does not apply to Mega's buzzsaw attack. 

The mask will only protect you from normal walls and floors if you push against them normally.'


Just look at him. Wolf is the best clown on the whole roster. I’ve never beaten a run of Thomas without having him in my party first. His skill just commands your attention. Anyone who has beaten the game knows what I mean when I say that 60% of your runs are going to be spent with Wolf by your side. His skill is almost broken at times, but he’s an experienced fighter for this reason. 

Wolf attacks enemies close up, shocking them with his taser, stunning them continuously for 1 second while you continue to attack or dodge rolls.

Houston (the clown with the pink eyelids) first appeared in The Gungeon as its first priest, having witnessed the slaying of his brethren by Mom's forces prior to the Ammonomicon (though he mentions also having encountered the Reverend mother). 

Despite his fear, he remained at his post to broadcast messages across the Gungeon for other survivors, even as he was eventually killed by Mom's forces. Unlike most other priests, Houston was an exception, since he had a blank face instead of a portrait. 

He was also one of two pre-boss characters that did not have portrait-bearing enemies akin to the Preachers and Digriffs, instead being greeted by empty podiums during their fight.

Chains are clown-themed enemies that wear masks. They are blue with white tufts of hair, and have two slits over their eyes, similar to the mask they wear. When damaged enough, their masks will fall off, revealing a monster with an open mouth and sharp teeth. 

They use shotguns as weapons to attack opponents.

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Clown Mask 101

If you're like me, you're pretty attached to particular items in the game due to how much they help you (or cause chaos) in your runs. 

From that standpoint, it's interesting to see which items the devs actually like the most and how that affects the way they design and balance new content and future patches.

 There are a lot of interesting oddities in Enter the Gungeon, this item being one of them. 

The Clown Mask, when equipped by a character, seems to have a small glow around them. 

When a reloadable gun is fired, a tiny flame will appear upon nearby enemies, and insta-kills these enemies if they have low health. 

It has been confirmed that reloading Teapot or Houston with Clown Mask equipped also gives both guns an aura effect as well as ignite nearby enemies with fire. Clown Mask's use as a troll tool is incredibly limited as it does nothing but heats objects making no other changes to the environment or affecting any other bullets that go into the shop before leaving.

Enter The Gungeon is a fantastic game with tons of things to figure out and get through. 

What makes the game great is that there are so many ways to play. 

This particular strategy guide will cover the order you can find familiars, what items they drop, how to use them effectively, where to find them, why early game characters might want to copy this strategy, and just general hints for Enter The Gungeon in general.

This item's effect causes bullets to shoot in all directions when being used. 

This effect also causes every Bullet Kin on your screen to fire bullets as well. 

It can be found in Chest Rooms, which will always have one Door Mimic that drops it.