Enter The Gungeon Cigarettes

Sep 14, 2021
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Cigarettes are an active item that heals The Gungeon protagonist. They can be found in Chests, dropped by certain enemies or acquired through Quicksilver Bullet.

Cigarettes heals the player by 62 health upon use, and also reduces all incoming damage (by around 22%) and knockback (by around 60%) at the cost of losing 5 ammo for all weapons. 

This item is very useful in staggering enemies, allowing players to deal with enemies more easily.

By entering the boss’ chamber with it, The Bullet will be smoking cigarettes. 

If the Bullet is currently firing, he will start smoking one of the cigarettes. 

If he is unloading, he will smoke one after unloading, then continue to unload.

When used, all enemies in the room become huge and gain about double their usual HP--their size actually prevents them from hitting the player while they're holding cigarettes. 

It may also be used social-use to pick up cigarette butts.

It also sets enemies on fire for a short time, similarly to the Flask of Fire, but at a smaller radius.

The item itself does not do anything to the player; however, it is used to trade an NPC for a random pickup. 

This item can be obtained by flipping a table during a fight or as a drop from Red Chests.

Cigarettes are an active item that heals The Gungeon protagonist. They can be found in Chests, dropped by certain enemies or acquired through Quicksilver Bullet.

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The 6th item in the game, which always is dropped by “The Bullet” boss in the Old Bullet Sanctuary. A cigarette with a burning red tip. 

When picked up, it damages the player for half a heart. 

If the player is also wearing armor in the chest slot, then that armor will be removed, but not lost permanently in many cases. 

This effect remains until the end of the current room. 

Some enemies are immune to this effect instead of taking damage, such as Genies and Creepers.

Cigarettes inflict minor damage on your character and remove any armor they may have. 

The name is a bit misleading since cigarettes do not contain nicotine and will not cause cancer. 

They can however, give you cancer due to the fact that they increase the likelihood of players taking bullets to the face.

Perhaps you didn't know this, but with each use of Cigarettes, your coolness level actually rises. 

Yes, they're bad for your health, and they might give you cancer – but they're also good for your swagger. They make you more hipster, and they can even decrease the cooldown time of all active items currently in the player's inventory (a property of obvious utility). 

While it's true that Cigarettes aren't reliable – the odds of them dropping when clearing a room are only slightly better than 23% – their effects can be permanent. 

Even if you remove them from your inventory before the end of the run (i.e., sell them for gold), the coolness bonus will persist into the next run.

Compared to other items in the game, Cigarettes are an item that increases Coolness by 1 per use. 

The only con is that the item has a 30% chance of breaking upon usage, increasing the weapons' cool down or removing it altogether for future use.

Cigarettes 101

Those are actually the effects of a gun called "MAC10". The MAC10 is a useful gun to use, and if we could we should. 

Anyway, I just tested out MAC10 and it's actually pretty cool. 

The 33% decreased reload time and increased magazine size and knockback could be really useful for some difficult enemies. 

If I had this gun, I could destroy an entire floor with no problem since I'm level 14. 

But there could be guns that are better than the MAC10 so you will have to do some testing before deciding what weapon to use.

You can find what items will occur when opening a chest (or any item) in Enter the Gungeon by searching the game's code. 

To do this, you'll need to use Cheat Engine 6.5 (I highly recommend this version due to the 6.6 update breaking most methods of memory search).

Cheat engine will show all possible entries for an item search (for example, for "card" you will get cards like the One Card and King's Best Buddy that can appear). 

Each item will randomly generate certain effects upon spawning, which can be useful for optimizing your runs, such as increasing movement speed or bullet jump distance.

Cigarettes are a pretty interesting item. They have two distinct functions, one of which has the potential for high damage output. 

If you’ve ever wanted to mix-up your playstyle or try something new, this is the item for you. 

Bypassing the damage nerf from Armor allows you to use Cigarettes offensively without penalty.