Duct Tape Gungeon Explained

Nov 7, 2021
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Duct Tape Gungeon Info Card

When used, it combines the ammo of any two non-empty guns (in the inventory, equipped, or in the backpack) and fires them both. 

If this results in less than 2 ammo being used during the shot, then 1 ammo is still used; otherwise, 2 ammo are used. 

The ammo used can be different with each fire, e.g. firing a maxed out Minishark with a non-maxed out Booty Gun will use two Booty Gun bullets and one Minishark bullet for a total of three bullets fired.

It shotguns the player's guns by combining the ammo in both of their guns and firing it, with a few rounds of ammunition used each time. 

When used, Duct Tape will combine ammo from both guns into one gun that no longer reloads ammunition, effectively allowing you to use more than the capacity of your guns.

Weapon accessories can be applied to guns using duct tape, allowing for customized damage output or other effects. 

The maximum ammo compound operation does not mix ammo, but rather combines it by adding together the two bullet counters. 

This makes it so both guns will utilize their maximum ammo count when firing either gun. 


If you’ve never played Enter the Gungeon , you should check it out, it’s a really fun “roguelite” style dungeon shooter where enemies have more personality than you give them credit for being able to possess. 

There are a lot of items in the game that can grant new powers or abilities to your guns, some of them even grant the projectiles from one gun the abilities of another.

Let's delve straight into the catalog of the gungeon - the most popular game of 2016. 

The game combines elements of classic roguelikes and first person shooters, which is an approach I highly recommend if you want to do something original. 

There are many items in Enter the Gungeon, each of which has a unique set of effects; their combinations make for even more interesting results. 

Other Items: Ring of Mimic Friendship, Weird Egg 

Duct Tape Gungeon 101

While the item can no longer be used in this way, it still behaves as if the item was being used continually. 

This includes, but is not limited to, displaying an asterisk next to the amount of shots left in both guns, giving credit for ammo pickups to both types of ammo, displaying neither gun’s magazine capacity or maximum ammo amount, and not showing any held gun other than the taped gun.

If you tape a normal gun to a normal gun, it will have a 50% larger clip size. 

If you tape a normal gun to a laser/blaster pistol, the result is a nova ray gun. 

The nova ray can fire continuously, but has a mediocre accuracy. 

If you tape two nova ray guns together, you get an omega blaster that fires faster, but has half as many shots as the first two together.

This could be used with dual-wielded Hegemony pistols by combining them into a Hegemony hand cannon or with guns that themselves had larger magazines such as those provided by Hexagun or Chicken Flute. However, once taped, these could not be separated even though they functioned as separate weapons (and remained as such visually).