Drill Gungeon Explained

Nov 9, 2021
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The Drill is an active item introduced in the Gungeoneer's Diary update. 

The Drill, simply put, is a super Spelunker sweater - it destroys any wall or block within a 45 degree angle in a straight line in front of it, with the exception of platforms and platforms adjacent to the drill's path/angle, which disintegrates entirely. 

Drag is applied according to the direction of the drill.

It is almost always recommended to break the cracked wall with the Drill Power before using it to kill enemies, as it deals massive amounts of chip damage that way.

Drill replaces a shop item or a gun, and then explodes, destroying all of the rocks in the chamber it was used in, excluding rocks touched by drills, rocks which contain items and lost souls, and rocks past the level limits. 

Drill will not destroy rocks on the same floor as the shop of any previous shops visited on that run.

When used, it shoots 6 bullets in a radial pattern outwards from Isaac, similar to Mega Blastand Hush, dealing 200 damage per shot to enemies caught in the blast radius and the same amount of damage taken by Isaac.  


If you've unlocked the Pickaxe power-up, you can simply dig up these chests with the game's signature pickaxe. 

If not, though, there are other methods at your disposal. 

Drills can also be used to unlock these chests, but doing so has an interesting effect: it will teleport you inside the Dungeon of the current floor. 

This is where things get interesting, as you'll have to survive one to five waves of enemies if you hope to defeat everything and unlock the chest.

The room has several columns that the player can hide behind, and if they manage to outlast the waves of enemies, the chest at the center of the room is unlocked after the final wave.

The player must run through several rooms identical to the one the chest was in and survive for a randomly selected number of waves. 

After which, they will receive a treasure chest that contains: 2-4 random pickups, gun/item/heart drops, and up to 3 chests (containing more items and hearts).

Drill Item 101

Payday 2 item drop chance is an important aspect of the game, considering that players should avoid risky situations that may cause them to lose accumulated loot. 

Drill's Facts in Gungeon are items that boost the chances of getting other items. 

However, players have to remember that not all Payday 2 drills are created equal. 

There are differences between these items, depending on the weapon they are attached to.

This is the latest game added by Yacht Club Games, creators of Shovel Knight and has already become popular among the players for its precise controls and various ways of playing the game. 

There are many paths to victory in this game; you can collect drill pieces with your drill, provide them to sell them at mother's shop or use them to destroy rocks on your path.

They are dropped by Red Crates, which are more likely to spawn at higher depths. 

However, there is still a chance for Pickups to spawn in the lower depths, even on Wave 1 of a room. Some Pickups can also be obtained by breaking Purple Crates.