Daruma Gungeon

Sep 16, 2021
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When picking up Daruma, the player holds their gun in one hand and Daruma in the other. Each time Daruma is hit by bullets, he flips over, changing the number on his face. 

When hit with a bomb or taking damage from any other source, or if left alone for too long, he disappears leaving no trace of having existed at all.

While standing on the item, the player will teleport to that location if they take one hit of damage. 

If placed on a boss floor, once defeated, it will teleport the player back to the boss room.

It has a chance to drop from Crackers during the Cult of the Gundead event 

Daruma moves around by hopping, and flips over when struck by bullets, changing his expression/number on his face. 

Daruma despawns if the room is left without being picked up, but can be revived by holding him while taking damage or bombing an enemy that has hit Daruma before.

When you get the item Daruma, and use it, and go back to your saved game you will find that you have the item called FLEA, and the save slot of the character you used with Daruma is deleted. 

This may be caused by entering a name on the character select screen without using that character, which causes that save to get deleted.

A Daruma doll is traditionally round with eyes, nose, and mouth but no arms or legs. 

It is named after the founder of Zen Buddhism, Bodhidharma who was said to have made the first Daruma dolls by drawing on a terra-cotta warrior-figure. He then added the arms and legs himself after which his eyes fell out.


This is a very special gear item that can only be used shortly after rolling through a bullet. It activates a blank passive effect that does absolutely nothing by itself. 

Without any other effects, the Daruma Mask should be practically worthless, because it grants no abilities or even defense to the player. 

However, the secret to this mask is in its power cells, which are created by collecting Blank Cells, all of which are granted by wearing this mask.

The effects of Daruma's eye are especially rare since it can only be activated after rolling through a bullet, and activates a blank effect. 

Shoot the blank effect to fill the room with bullets. Note that this is most effective with just one enemy around. 

Also, you won't activate the blank effect again until you roll again.

I was curious what other effects might use similar logic, and found that the vampiric effect will only activate immediately after a pickup or bonus drop. The idea for this item came from a similar item in Spelunky that replicates the "three tools" glitch which allows you to hold three guns at once. 

In Enter the Gungeon, "blank" cards are essentially weapons. I wanted to replicate the ability to duplicate weapons plus the glitched graphics drawn by those duplicated items.

Other Items: Clown Mask, Ring of Chest Friendship, Prime Primer

Daruma 101

Daruma is an active item that increases damage by 3.5 times and grants one heart container. 

After the player dodges enemy bullets, Daruma needs to recharge by damaging enemies. 

It cannot be used immediately after every dodged bullet, and it takes longer to recharge than other active items (see table below). 

This means that players need to make sure they can survive a couple of seconds before attempting to dodge bullets while using Daruma, and must evade quickly because the effect will wear off soon after being used. 

When they are not in danger, players are encouraged to actively deal damage instead of dodging bullets in order to recharge Daruma.

After picking up the item, it will be able to damage enemies by firing homing bombs until it hits an enemy. 

The recharge rate of Daruma is much faster than other active items, so it can fire more bombs in succession after being used. 

Daruma also has less recoil than most active items that can fire bullets, allowing players to stay on target much longer.

It is a blue rocket launcher. 

When fired, it will fire a large flame pillar in front of the user, dealing high damage to any enemy that stands in its way. However, if you have the Resourceful Sack from the Armory DLC, then the flame pillar turns into a purple ring which will instead fire 18 shots outwards from the center point. 

In this instance though, Daruma becomes unusable while the ring exists