Dark Choco In Cookie Run Kingdom

Jan 4, 2022
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Dark Choc in Cookie Run Kingdom is a 5-star Epic Cookie who was introduced in the Dark Mode update. He has a high-strength attack, but using him is tricky because his hit rate is low. 

He isn't afraid to join early for combos, but if his combo is blocked once in a large chain, he will be at a disadvantage. A dark, aristocrat like shrewd cookie, Dark Choco Cookie is cunning and dangerous. He has lost his father and kingdom, but he still holds a strong sense of ambition in his heart. 

At the beginning of the original storyline he was banished in his own castle, but with the appearance of Dark Mode defeated by Ian, he became more vile and negative against all heroes attempting to solve the mystery behind it. 

His goal is to bring back his kingdom and have revenge on anyone who stands in his way.

Dark Choco, the exiled prince and ruler of the fallen Dark Cacao Kingdom, has been brought back to power in the Kingdom's darkest hour. 

He is a big, black, snake-like demonic Cookie who wants nothing more than to bring all Eras back together once again.

Dark Choco Cookie is an epic cookie that can slow down the movement of his enemies and deal them damage over time. 

He can also use his father's powers to clone himself if he is in the front position, but it has a shorter duration than Dark Chi Foo Yi. His Epic Quest requires three pages, which can be won at the Epic Quest Reward Booth.

Players must help Sugar and his friends meet the demands of all kinds of customers, baking delicious cookies in their bakery, with more than 30 different cookie-baking plants. 

Swipe to match 3 or more cookies to help the heroes complete each exciting task! Join now and help Cookie's friends to destroy all the dark forces in the kingdom and bring back the glory of the kingdom!

The adorable little monster may look harmless at first glance, but in reality, he's cunning, evil, greedy and even a murderer. His mini spawn refers to his smaller size compared to other Epics, yet his power is anything but small!


Dark Choco is one of the main characters in Cookie Run. He appears to be a very serious and moody person although when you first start the game his personality is up for debate. 

He has very low self-esteem and constantly reflects on his regretful past and lamenting how everyone is apparently afraid of him. 

Dark Choco however only considers himself dangerous because of Songi's influence and the Strawberry Jam Sword, he does think about most things before he says them or does them.

He originally had one simple desire: his wish was to eat the Strawberry Jam Sword. 

After devouring the weapon, Dark Choco Cookie became incredibly powerful, even gaining the ability to fly. Because of this, he went from a lonely and melancholy figure to an incredibly narcissistic and dangerous foe.

This one is quite unique. We will be reviewing the game Cookie Run Kingdom in today's topic. This video game has many positive messages and is mainly aimed towards children and teenagers. 

It is a game in which players must train their characters while trying to collect as many powerful armor sets, weapons and pets as possible to battle against the enemies (animal cookies) in the game.

The hero of this game is Dark Choco Cookie who was known for being a silent character with very low self-esteem, until he gained the powers of the Strawberry Jam Sword that gave him superpowers.

Dark Choco Cookie was also known for it's low health points, but that's not so in this new epic saga of himself where you level up Dark Choco Cookie to upgrade his skills, friendships with other more advanced cookies, and army of pets and other characters help to unlock his true potential to be a strong leader.

He seems to be the only member of the Dark Chocolate Team who wants to meet with King Strawberry, likely seeing him as someone who can help end his regime, but having no intentions of continuing it. 

Dark Choco Cookie is known as a master swordsman and wields a strange, glass-like sword that he claims gives him power over gravity itself.


Dark Choc excels in the Cookie Run Kingdom, a side scrolling RPG game. As a sword warrior, he has a high attack and defense level. 

One unique skill move is his chain lightning attack where he strikes the ground with his sword to send thunder to a number of enemies to cause great damage but also lowers their Defense for each enemy hit. 

From the game developers: "He likes cookies but beware of his attacks. Do not get in the way. He will strike lightning upon you."

He is capable of weakening and knocking back enemies, while also inflicting lightning damage. 

His attacks consist of a great sword slash, both from upper and lower directions, he can also summon two dark bats that slowly move forward to attack the enemies within a long range.

In addition to his mighty sword, Dark Choc also uses electricity. He can strike the ground with his weapon, which causes lightning spells that reveal hidden spots that contain cookies. A must-have character because of his high Attack stat and his electricity-element attacks are an excellent addition in attack against opposing devils and bosses.