Cotton Cookie In C-Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 15, 2022
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Unlocking Cotton Cookie's talent tier makes her look like a normal Epic Skalet, but a bit thinner, with darker fur. 

Her left ear is colored red and the right one is green. Cotton Cookie wears a flowing red dress and has three golden bangles on each wrist, as well as silver rings on every finger but her thumb. 

Her epic form stat bonus is unknown at present, but in addition to looking cool she also affects nearby zombies by turning them into cotton candy.

Despite her whimsical appearance, Cotton will deal direct damage to the opponent's Deck, with her position being prioritized first for cookie matching. Like other types of Epic Cookies, she takes up two slots in your Cookie deck, taking up both a hero and a slot at the same time.

She is a member of the Magical Girls, who look for a certain type of "Witch", but this search has now evolved into a search for magical beings in general. Her position on the battlefield is by default at the rear and she fights with her wand and her Sickle. Her stats focus on dealing splash damage, and slowing enemies.

Sheep are known to be shy creatures since they look away so frequently. Cotton Cookie isn't afraid of anything, not even the cold! 

She has the biggest heart and isn't bothered by her wool. Her flock of wooly sheep think she's the best mother ever!

She features wings on her back and a lantern in her hand. Cotton Cookie is the perfect plushie to snuggle with during cold winter nights, or just to keep at your side when you need some extra sass!

Just because the sky is covered in clouds it doesn't mean the day can't be saved. What better way to feel that warmth than with a warm, bright cuddly doll like Cotton Cookie. 

Adorned with 11 tiny sheep that are soft as snowballs, this pretty little pixie will help to put anyone's frowns in reverse!


Every few seconds, he will support your team by summoning sheep that will charge at the enemies, dealing area damage and stunning them. Plus, he replenishes allies' HP periodically, with a warm light that increases creatures' ATK.

It is also the signal for Cotton Cookie to call one or two sheep who will charge at enemies and deal damage.

With each cycle of the lantern, nearby allies will receive a rejuvenating light that will restore their HP, and the sweet scent of cotton will increase the ATK of all summoned creatures nearby. Additionally, this work can be done alongside Cookie's sheep friends that she has brought along while they wear woolen hats.

The summoned sheep doesn't just enhance the cookie's fighting power, it can also stun the enemies to prevent them from attacking the players. When the sheep has finished its service, it will disappear right away.

In addition to HP gain and ATK buff, Skill Z provides a restorative effect to all of your allies in range while stunning the enemies. 

The effect only lasts for a certain period of time and is not unlimited, but it protects allies against minor attacks and recovers their health after each fight. You do not always need to take risks for ventures. With Cotton Cookie by your side, you will be more than prepared to fight any enemy armies!


She has green eyes, and cotton white hair in a bob that is styled as a young woman's short haircut. Cotton Cookie's outfit is reminiscent of an early 1900s style for a maid or servant. 

Her outfit includes a blue and brown dress with spade-like symbols down the center and wears an iconic bonnet resembling a cotton plant, which could also be used to resemble potato sacks.

 Alas, this wonderful adventurer eventually accidentally stumbled into the home of Mad Hatter, who was planning to turn out his house for tea. 

The crazed hatter was so enamored by her appearance that he requested her presence by his side during his tea party. 

Though she found him to be a little odd and the tea party not to her taste, she agreed to attend. Upon arriving at the party (which was being held in honor of the Grand Galloping Gala), Cotton Cookie spotted Mabel sitting in a corner looking distraught and took it upon herself to be a friend.

She lives in a small cottage out in the cotton fields and is found most days wandering about the area, visiting her friends, picking up herbs from her garden or singing with the other creatures.

Cotton Cookie is the leader of the Cottontails, a group originating from Gensokyo. In her character profile, she despises humans and considers them to be too greedy. 

However, she is one of the more cheerful minor characters in the series and she speaks politely with others.

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Cotton Cookie Facts

  • While she's best known for her relationship with her cap-sizing friend Kai, she's also a dual-personality girl, a bit of an introvert, who likes to hang out at home with her family and play video games just as much as going out to meet new people. 
  • She's a spunky young girl who will fight for her beliefs and dreams, no matter the circumstances. Her clothing design reflects her personality with flowing shapes and interesting details–she often mixes practicality with fantasy elements.
  • Based on the Scandinavian oh-so-popular Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, Cotton Cookie will bring you fashion as you’ve never seen it before. High quality breathable cotton with natural fibers, sensible recycled materials and ecological production process, these clothes make you look great while saving the planet!
  • She is very similar in character and appearance to Spring Cookie and Frost Queen Cookie, sporting a similar ponytail hairstyle and carrying a parasol like Spring Cookie as well as wearing a skintight leotard/dress with long boots. However unlike frost queen, Cotton's dress is mint in color, but all three wear identical diamond earrings along with very similar symbols on their foreheads.