+15 Cookie Run Kingdom Characters Explained

Jan 24, 2022
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Cookie Run is a fantasy themed world where you run, jump and dash across an exciting kingdom filled with dangers and rewards. Catch fantastical creatures called Cookies and place them on your team - then match 3 or more to make them disappear. 

You'll unlock new abilities or upgrades for your Cookies as you dash, spin and smash your way through increasingly challenging levels across multiple kingdoms. 

Enjoy some freshly baked cookies in the ultimate free-to-play match three RPG, Cookie Run: Ovenbreak! Play through over a thousand handcrafted stages with your favorite kingdom characters. 

Earn stars by collecting 3 star cookies with special abilities to upgrade your kingdom. 

With tons of fun and competitive events, face off against fellow cookie racers on multiple platforms and plan strategy with your friends to climb the leaderboards.

The Kingdom needs a new Royal Chef! Choose your own Chef, unlock a variety of cookies and develop the best strategy to rule the kingdom. 

Befriend a variety of people traveling through each kingdom day and night: bakers, merchants and farmers will provide you with delicious ingredients, while clerics, knights and wizards will help you to fight monsters.

One hundred years have passed from the mysterious disappearance of the Magic Cookies. Everyone thought it was the end of all joy for mankind. But no one could imagine that one day a young boy called Hay Lin would discover them on his own, unlocking a 2nd episode to this incredible story. 

With his new friends Cookie and Snowy he will explore new lands, fight fierce enemies and rescue Queen Vanilla's Kingdom.

Madeleine Cookie

Madeleine Cookie Info Card

Madeleine's favorite part of this curious confection is a good-natured nod toward his supreme devotion and epic journey: The knightly dog wears a helmet molded in the shape of a Holy Fruit, and wields his trusty sword and shield decorated with delicate icing.

Embodying the virtues of nobility, he brings pride and trustworthiness to those who dwell in his territory. In addition to his natural good looks and chivalric behavior, Madeleine Cookie is a master swordsman skilled in handling both short blades and long swords.

Moon Rabbit Cookie

Moon Rabbit Cookie Info Card

A cookie with a charmingly cute appearance, it has cheeks that are always filled with sweet rice cakes. Some might consider it cute, but this cookie's insatiable love for rice cakes may be one of the strongest forces in the Universe. 

It uses fresh rice harvested from the happy soils of the Cookie World, and goes into the oven while laughing gleefully. Kids will find this Moon Rabbit Cookie a particularly sweet treat that brings smiles to their faces.

It's fluffy, chubby cheeks are always filled up with some fresh sweet rice cakes. Some say it could be one of the strongest forces in the universe if it wasn't just a cookie! Get your own Moon Rabbit cookie and find out how happy it can bring you.

Golden Cheese Cookie

Her palace shimmers like pure gold, and cheese oozes out of every nook and cranny. The inhabitants of the land of Cheese adore this nutty delicacy, but only a few ever have the chance to meet with her.

There is no other dough quite like it, and it contains so much cheese that it shines like a golden shield as it bakes. The palace where Golden Cheese Cookie lives takes your breath away with its blinding opulence. You cannot help but be dazzled by the splendor!

The kingdoms are close to each other's borders, and a splendid bridge connects them. Golden Cheese is a cheerful girl who likes to swim.

Red Velvet Cookie

Even though Red Velvet Cookie is as sweet as his name suggests and bakes the tastiest treats in all of Candy Land, he's no pushover. A natural born leader, this exuberant young royal wasn't afraid to stand up to the evil King Kandy and his Sour Soldiers when they tried to take over the kingdom.

His metal sword is his weapon and his birthday is on Christmas Eve, December 24th. 

He was born in Germany to a French father and German mother, who owned an inn called Taverne de la Croix. He studied chemistry as a young man and dreamed of being a successful pastry chef.

Squid Ink Cookie

Squid Ink Cookie Info Card

Could this actually be the treasure-eating sea monster!? The legendary monster that attacked treasure ships, hungry for gold? Be sure to watch it run!

Squid Ink Cookie is a very unique magic cookie. His insides are like black ink, and he's always filled with curiosity about what's happening outside the Giant Oven of Doom.

Banish the blobs of black dough with your cute magic cookie spells and upgrades to Castle Crustsmasher. Meet all the other friendly food characters who will help you on this sweet journey! Even if it's made of gold, Squid Ink Cookie won't think twice before stealing treasure chest cookies!

Raspberry Cookie

Raspberry Cookie Info Card

Raspberry Cookie, a brave and enthusiastic girl, is the main character of a new game on the Run App. She was born in the Hollyberry Kingdom and spent her childhood in Chateau Raspberry. But there's trouble brewing! 

The self-proclaimed Demon King Kaos has kidnapped Princess Candy and fled to his castle in Magma Valley. If that wasn't bad enough, he also stole the legendary Golden Seed…

Since her childhood, she has embraced the classic fencing style and reaped numerous honors. 

With a fondness for swordplay, this Cookie seeks exciting adventures beyond the royal court to engage in duels with her challengers. Nevertheless, she does not forget her royal duties and dutifully defends the honor and traditions of her family.

Gummy Cookie

With a menacing gaze and an impressive arsenal at her disposal, she is a force to be reckoned with. Sticky-sweet and full of flavor, Twizzly Gummy Cookie steals your heart the moment you see her.

She's aided by her band of Gummy Pirates - Laser, Fruitcake, and Sourberry Crunch. 

They might look like they're up to no good, but their hearts are pure, and they're on a journey through all dimensions looking for the perfect song to spread happiness across all the cosmos.

Hollyberry Cookie

Hollyberry Cookie Info Card

Hollyberry Cookie is a self-sacrificing warrior. Not only does she bravely stand up for her friends, but she often acts as the tough shield between them and harm. Her hollyberry bow - which bears a dazzling resemblance to its owner's hair - draws upon the power of friendship. It emits a bright green light in times of danger, ensuring that Hollyberry Cookie's loved ones are always protected.

Cocoa Cookie

Cocoa Cookie Info Ca

Cocoa Cookie, a 5th-class cookie, likes to be spun around in cocoa mugs. Whenever Cocoa Cookie is spun around in the mug, this cookie will become excited and restore HP of allied Cookies except for summoned creatures and make them immune to stunning.

When he jumps, he spins like a vortex in the opposite direction, sending out dark energy and damaging the surrounding enemies. In addition, Cocoa Cookie thus restores all allied Cookies except for summoned creatures, which get HP restored and become immune to stunning.

Cotton Cookie

The elegant Cotton Cookie provides some important light during dusk and dawn when the sun isn't out, so she can tend to her sheep. The way she handles her flock with a lantern in hand is sure to make anyone feel at peace!

Her lantern attracts stray sheep and Cookies, who gather around it seeking warmth; at times, the lantern also ensures that she finds her way back home if she gets lost amidst the snow flakes!

Pumpkin Pie Cookie

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Info Card

Pumpkin Pie is a little bit shy and tiny, but she's also adventurous and playful. This Cookie will hold your hand and drag you to play with her whenever there's an exciting festival going on. Get in on all the fun with the charming Pumpkin Pie Cookie - wearing a dress that looks like a pumpkin!


GingerBrave Info Card

GingerBrave is a courageous Common Cookie who leads the brave soldiers of Cookie Run Kingdom. He has a kind heart and is always willing to help others. He is in charge of leading the army into battle, and he's absolutely amazing with his powerful shield skills!

Accompanied by his trusty steed, GingerPie, this fearless hero?s bravery in overcoming difficult odds quickly earned him the title of Hero among his fellow Warriors.

He always fights head-to-head like a brave knight despite his small size. He is known for his fearless demeanor and bravery in battle. GingerBrave uses Kitchen Knives as both of his weapons, the Protector (Short knife) and Anelace (Long knife).

Sorbet Shark Cookie

Sorbet Shark Cookie is a sweet and sour shark character who's also called the "Pirate of the Seven Seas". But despite his name, he doesn't like being around pirates. 

He likes adventure, so he usually sneaks on to ships to tag along. With the white dough from bakers in Brave Waters Islands, and milk from the neighboring Mouse Island, even with all their troubles, they can make miracles happen!

Strawberry Cookie

Strawberry Cookie

The charismatic Strawberry Cookie has a mouth made for singing and performing. 

Her latest album has topped the charts, and she even plans on holding a concert in Cookie Run Kingdom!

However, the wily Black Magician is plotting to steal her notes and cast a spell that will make everyone fall asleep.

Instantly transport yourself to a kingdom full of sweets as you discover Strawberry Cookie: a cheerful, charming, and helpful Wall Potato who grew up alongside the kingdom's people. She doesn't speak but her bright smile says it all. 

Her unique strawberry-shaped head has a gentle flavor that will feel familiar in your mouth!

She can also neutralize enemies with her Offense, and she has the heart of a hero to love all her companions.

Licorice Cookie

Licorice Cookie Info Card

Licorice Cookie is one of the earliest characters you'll come across in Galaxy Bites. This old-school favorite provides a delicious blast of sugar, with added crunchiness from the Chewy Licorice Servants he commands. He's an advanced character that can deal a lot of damage at close range.

Everyone is busy trying to collect more Licorice Cookies because they have a unique power that can be used in battle.

Herb Cookie

Herb Cookie is a species of cookie that lives at the top of high-rise cliffs in Cookie Run Kingdom. This herb cookie loves to eat green herbs, and likewise loves to hang out and listen to falling raindrops. 

He spends most like his nights sleeping under a new leaf umbrella that's made out of leaves. He can sometimes be seen going up and down the cliffs.

He's a modern-minded young Cookie and is bursting with energy all day long. 

When it floods, he doesn't mind because he enjoys running in the rain. Herb Cookie doesn't get angry easily - he may feel aloof at times but don't let that fool you! He's actually an extraordinarily friendly guy, who doesn't mind lending an ear to a good friend.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

He is one of the five eggs that had been laid by Goddess E-Da after her battle with Dragon Lord Shitto. He is a companion of his fellow friend and party member Biscotti, always seen together and often fussing over each other. 

Pure Vanilla has dark brown eyes and blonde hair, which are long to shoulder length with two thin strands in the front and four strands at the back.

This pure-hearted, charismatic baking machine gives out warm smiles to everyone he meets, especially the fans who come to see his shows. As an artist, he specializes in show performance and thus is a truly popular and cute idol.

Frost Queen Cookie

Frost Queen Info Card

She may look sweet, but don't let her icy exterior fool you, for Frost Queen Cookie stands as the all-powerful sovereign of winter itself. Her innate control of winter magic is so strong that her very presence can subdue any form of harsh weather conditions, and even wave them away.

Sea Fairy Cookie

Sea Fairy Cookie Info

Sea Fairy Cookie wanders the endless, snowy plains of Cookie Run Kingdom. Rescued by Cookies in ages past, she was heartbroken over her kingdom's destruction and became a frozen doll. Now once again she wanders aimlessly through the frozen plains, trying to collect enough magic to find a cure for her curse.

Beet Cookie

Beet Cookie Info Card

Beet Cookie is a ranged character with the ability to charge her skill and unleash powerful attacks for up to 4 enemies. 

She specializes in collecting Beets, which allow her to move fast and shoot more easily. She is the first Rare character the player can get from the special tutorial screen and collect from certain Kolon Tunnel missions.

Whenever there is a new board, her character image indicates a different Cookie troop. 

Even with her appearance, she doesn't often appear as an ally, but she can be a reliable assistant in battle. With her high attack and defense and the relatively fast movement rate, greater experience can be expected if you frequently use Beet Cookies to fulfill your daily quest without needing to recover many complaints.

Angel Cookie

Angel Cookie Info Card

Angel Cookie is the only Healing cookie in the game. They are cheap but are relatively easy to obtain. Well, they share the same minimum requirement of 2 and the maximum 99 like other regular cookies. To acquire Angel Cookies, you need to have around 16M+ cookies collected. 

Each time you purchase a Pile of Crumbs, you will receive Angel Cookie(s) as a free gift.

Angel Cookie isn't just another pretty face. This humble creature can be transmogrified into a mighty devil, with the power to exercise deadly spells and to revive the fallen players. 

If you need support in your Cookie Run expedition, call upon this heavenly guardian and bestow a blessing down upon all who hails from your realm!

Muscle Cookie

Muscle Cookie

The only disadvantage for Muscle Cookie is that his charge skill's cooldown is 10 seconds higher than other common Chargers but this can be offset by the fact that he can stun defenses. 

His plant-like appearance also gives him camouflage in a flora-filled environment, allowing him to sneak up on his targets.

This muscle-bound Cookie is an extremely useful frontline fighter, but without good support he can be vulnerable to the aggressions of other Cookies.

This cookie has excellent health and attack, and he can take down enemies at the back with ease. He is also useful in Arena due to his high HP.

Wizard Cookie

Wizard Cookie Info Card

He is an all-purpose combat Cookie with average strength, health, magic, and map clear speed. However, he does have some features that make his damage output more consistent. 

One of them is his active skill: Magic Wand has a high chance to roll out the same spell twice without interrupting his attack. By using this feature, he can deal some massive attacks without losing the flow of the fight.

He is also one of the fastest cookies in the game, able to dash on par with the Windwalker cookie while being able to match the speed of 3 normal cookies running on their starting dash's level 1 (when they use an Ice Candy). 

His dash ability is called Teleport which sends you forward into a solid wall, giving you invincibility frames, so it will be a good skill for escaping from enemies' attacks if timed correctly (BEF). 

This skill does not require any tapping and its cooldown starts when Teleport ends.

Ninja Cookie

Ninja Cookie Info Card

He may appear as one of your starting cookies (not necessarily right at the beginning) if you are using an Ambush-type formation, otherwise you will generally see him as a later-game pickup when tapping/clicking through a completed stage (or rarely as a gift box reward).

His ability allows you to force other players to lose one cookie (including their starting cookie). Not only that, Ninja Cookie's ability can be activated repeatedly throughout the game, making it a perfect "displacement" card, whose effect can be rendered permanent if used correctly. 

At first glance this may appear to be a very powerful card and while it certainly has its moments, many of your opponents will have ways of dealing with it.

Dark Choco

He is not available for redemption. Dark Choco Cookie is an okay Epic, but his stats are not that great. However, he does have some very useful abilities. Currently, he is the only Epic cookie that has a "Slaughter" ability. It can give you an edge in the harder levels with multiple monsters at once.

Like his father, he was once a good one, which had caused him to be banished into the Shadow Realm. He has a bitter relation with Princess Cinnamon Cookie, who is his cousin and has always wanted her surrounded.

Dark Choco starts with all the abilities of Vanilla Cookie and spawns in dark fog. He is able to jump further than most cookies (unlike Dark Cacao Cookie) and has a wider range of attack. When he dies, he drops 4 Gems, unlike other Cookies which drop 3. This behavior makes him the most generous character in the game, next to Rainbow Cookie.

Espresso Cookie

Espresso Cookie

Espresso Cookie is a diligent, serious coffee-addict who seeks the approval of his peers. His devotion earned him a coveted spot as the professor in the Advanced Course at the Parfaedia Institute—a place reserved for only a few. You can also meet him during the Institute's event, Theorems of Coffee Magic.

He explains how he discovered the art of coffee magic, and is the only one who can teach players to make the new Espresso Cookie Evolution.

As such, he is highly intelligent, studying at Parfaedia Institute alongside Madeleine Cookie and Snow Sugar Cookie. His preferred weapon is the longsword, but he always carries with him an espresso mug filled with his favorite blend.

Latte Cookie

Latte Cookie Info Card

Latte Cookie is a type of Epic Cookie who comes from the Kingdom of Cute, which was the first cookie kingdom to ever exist. She has a color scheme of pink and white, and wears an apron that is decorated with cherries. Her original role was to run a bakery.

A courageous girl who has the ability to harness the essence of coffee and combine it with her cookies. She is known to work alongside Chocolate Cookie, filling in the gaps during baking time, generating a new recipe for her companions.

Strawberry Crepe

The Strawberry Crepe Cookie is a whirlwind of mischief and disaster. A guy who hates to lose, this mean cookie will chase you right to the ends of the earth and back. 

In shape, the Strawberry Crepe Cookie resembles an enormous, pink strawberry with a pair of eyes and arms growing from it, as well as three thick legs; the two at the front are thinner than those at the back.

She loves to run and will never stop, so it takes a long time for her to notice you. To dodge her long arms when she attacks, jump three times in a row without stopping. 

The Strawberry Crepe's stamina is constantly refilled, so if you are playing this game for a while and never get hit by her fourth attack, she will eventually start running backwards!