Cocoa Cookie In C-Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 16, 2022
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Cocoa Cookie Info Ca

She is able to produce cookies worth twice that of an Epic Cookie, even though her production time is only 5 seconds longer than normal. To unlock her, you need to complete Epic Quest 23 which will require you to clear stages 1 and 2 of either Candy Apple's Ice Paradise or Gingerbread's Spell of the Winter Story.

True to her name, this starry-eyed celestial is the ultimate source of chocolatey happiness, with an assortment of delectable goodies. 

Then celebrate joyously with a festive new decoration, available in your Shop and ready to welcome new friends in Sugar Smash!

His snowy hair and eye makeup are on fleek, but not as on fleek as his magical Cocoa mustache. He's ready for winter to come early, because his favorite holiday is New Year's! Gasp in awe at the magical star he generates from his mouth.

Her frost resistance allows her to walk on frozen rivers, or frosted ground without taking damage. She is useful in the environments where there is a blizzard or deep snow.


Cocoa Cookie was once an ordinary cookie, but one day he discovered a giant cocoa mug. After drinking from the mug, he was instantly transformed into what you see now. Not only does he have tremendous speed and agility, but also a huge heart that cares for all of his friends in Cookie Run Kingdom.

The alternate skill "Progress" grants the player +10% EXP and Col collected per stage cleared. Every time a stage is finished, Cocoa Cookie's skill gauge increases by 1%, with a maximum of 5 bars (each bar granting 100% power boost). 

If all bars are filled, she will launch her attack. When all 5 bars are filled, she will also increase the Critical chance by 10%. Note: when filling up the skill gauge, auto-skills will not trigger.

She generally uses this ability from within a giant porcelain pot, but can also do it from other places such as water or inside a cannon to deal more damage.

For an unlimited time, she jumps into a giant cocoa mug and happily spins around. During this time, she attacks the enemies by releasing a lot of energy through her friends, restores the HP for all allied Cookies except those that are summoned during the skill duration and lets them be immune to stunning.


Her main power is the magical hot cocoa that she is able to create and use. She uses this ability to recreate herself in the game when she dies, and will respawn anywhere on the field a cup can be placed.

She is a member of the Royal Court, a part of the Christmas Costume Party Quest, Sugar Rush Mania event, and appears during Spring-time Easter event. 

When he found out that she could bake pastries from scratch, he was so impressed that he decided to put her to work in his bakery and put a wig on her. With the wig on, no one could tell that she was actually an elf!

Hers are the most versatile techniques on the battlefield and as a result, she is an extremely capable warrior, easily finding her place on the front line!

She has brown eyes and long brown hair which resembles chocolate. The area around her eyes, mouth, arms and legs are colored red. Her pants are also red with white snowflake patterns.

She has a marshmallow head with her hat resembling a chocolate. She appears only during the Christmas season, like other holiday themed variants of characters do in this game.

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Facts About Cocoa

  • The Cocoa Cookie is a class of cookies that trades defense for healing. Its skills, although not very threatening, heal and support allies. During the most tense of battles, it is a good idea to get close to the other cookies and give them the healing they need to survive.
  • This darling little lady is made of a vanilla-scented chocolate chip cookie, with sprinkles for her hair and a marshmallow heart. Cocoa Cookie has her own style and loves listening to music, hanging out by the fireplace, and surprising people with tasty treats. She has a pet bunny named Pumpkin Spice that she loves dearly, and she's always on the lookout for new accessories. Her favorite thing to do is take bubble baths in her pink bathtub!
  • Her personal ability to boost her own production every time she levels up helps you collect the resources you need as your battle through the Mine, Spell Factory, and Dark Barracks. With no more than 5 buildings, you can expect to see some pretty big gains from this powerful little cookie.
  • She is currently re-released in Japan, this time with a permanent outfit package for her. She is also given away for free upon logging into MapleStory after servers have been updated. In order to retrieve the package, you must navigate to the Cash Shop, select 'Manage Purchase', then 'Claim Coupon' . You will not receive any mesos by claiming this item.