Cerberus In Helltaker Explained

Jan 1, 2022
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Cerberus Info Card

Being the third and final boss of Helltaker, this three-headed beast is rather challenging. The dog heads will bite at you and one of them (The middle head) can shoot fireballs. 

They also have a fireball projectile attack where they stand barking while they gather up dark spheres and bombard the ground which causes massive damage when it hits you. To damage this demon, target the head that's farthest away from you with the yellow or orange fire. This can be done by standing under one of them and using downward strikes by aiming down at them. 

What to Watch Out For: The Triple Demon's far ranged attack takes several seconds to perform, giving enough time for you to prepare an attack of your own. 

If you get into a rhythm of attacking the heads, they will continue to bite at you but not much else. Their bites do cause decent damage though so watch out.

This one-off triple-bodied Hell Demon can only be found in Helltaker, and he is not to be taken lightly. He has a Rock, Heavy attack that launches huge boulders and also swings his three heads around, scattering you from side to side, and an inferno mana ball attack that will shoot one at a time or all three at once.

Cerberus is a three-headed hound of Tartarus. Each head has a mouth with several rows of sharp teeth. Cerberus is said to be ferocious enough to ward off even the most powerful of demons and creatures.

As hard as the previous two bosses may be, Cerberus proves to be even more of a challenge. Cerberus has three bodies, but only one soul inhabits all three. Only one of the heads is vulnerable at one time, and will only remain so for a little while. 

The heads are vulnerable in the order of red, then blue, then green, while they cycle through their attack phases. Using teamwork and strategy to avoid getting struck by any of them will be key to defeating this boss! 


Cerberus, or Trio of 9 Lives, is a Helltaker boss and a demon who summons 3 unnamed devil dogs. She is the leader of a coven of black witches known simply as the 7 Ancients. 

As the oldest amongst them, she serves as their tactical advisor and as their arbiter in case they need to settle any disputes among themselves. 

Although she can be unfriendly at first, her scolding is more out of concern for the younger witches' safety (and not because she hates them), which has led to the witches considering her 'cool'. 

Her personality doesn't really change much after her defeat, especially concerning her still lazy demeanor; however, one can tell that she has grown to care for Reimu and friends thanks to her now-mature outlook on life. 

She still maintains a somewhat playful side too though, especially towards Osana Najimi from time to time.

The trio of Cerberus appear before the player and stare down at them as they rise from their grave in a visually intimidating way, as they are now free to guard the Gates of Hell. After being able to move around with no issues, two of the girls assume battle positions and prepare to attack, while the last one stays behind, staring into space with an emotionless face. 

The dog-like ears on each girl's head only serve to amplify the visual intimidation afforded to them by this design choice.

Cerberus is the three-headed dog that guards Hades' underworld, preventing any souls from leaving unless they have permission. After Persephone ate some pomegranate seeds, she was forced to remain in the underworld or face death at the teeth of her eternal captors.

The appearance of the Cerberus, like most of the Helltaker cast, is depicted as a short demon girl. It has pale skin, red irises, a black arrow-tipped tail, and silvery-white hair; however, it possesses three heads rather than a singular head like other hellspawn. These three heads are identical to each other in everything but their coloring; The first head is blue with a spherical nose, the second head is green with a pointed nose, and the third head is red with an almost-pointed nose. 

All of these girls have canine ears that emerge from under their hair on the top of their heads; They also all have canine teeth shown in their idle sprite.


From the first moment you meet them in the Underworld, Cerberus is a seemingly nice and happy little dog. However, after interacting with them frequently, you learn of their sadistic tendencies as well as their cowardly one. 

They tend to bully enemies until they're low on health, at which point they may either run away or use one of their more powerful attacks; If an enemy is high on health, however, they will attack without regard for their own safety. 

Their spells tend to be some of the more powerful ones in the game due to the fact that most of them are hard to evade and have the tendency to one-shot enemies.

Cerberus, although having zero interest in books or education, is the second demon girl to join Odette's party. In combat she provides defensive assistance with her unique triple-barreled turret, as well as debuffing and support spells. She also handles all of the teams necessary tomes and runs the majority of the teams smithing services.

When you first meet Cerberus, the hellhound is a seemingly cute and excitable creature. Despite this, they can be surprisingly malevolent and savage, taking enjoyment in the pain that they inflict on others, or simply in creating chaos. 

Perhaps it is this personality which causes Cerberus to take such a liking to the Helltaker, or perhaps it is the power and cruelty of their dark mistress. Either way, Cerberus' loyalty has not wavered much since the day they joined the party.

One of the few demon's to join the party willingly, Cerberus is a three-headed guard dog. Although their appearance may seem cute, they do not hesitate to barge into battle to bite and tear enemies apart. Despite carrying weapons which emphasize attack power, they are weak in Defense, so they should be protected by tank-type classes while on the front lines.