Busted Television Item in Enter The Gungeon

Nov 21, 2021
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Busted Television Info Card

It has a chance of teleporting the player backwards. This ability can be extremely helpful, as it allows the player to escape from sticky situations and survive should they take too much damage.

The five effects are listed below. The first effect created will be the 3-second period, unless it is replaced by one of the other four effects. 

Then, the first effect will be replaced by the second, third, fourth or fifth effect created, respectively.

This TV will display various rooms elsewhere in the Gungeon. These rooms are not procedurally generated. 

The rooms they show are always the same and consistent for everyone who plays Enter The Gungeon.

While this item is active, bullets and tears pass through both enemies and the television screen without retaliation. This makes it useful for clearing out large groups of enemies (even ones that drain your HP such as Pestilence), while giving you time to move to a safer location.


In the early game, one of its uses is to scout out rooms from a safe distance, as it can be thrown over walls. In this way it works similarly to the old toy from the original Binding of Isaac. 

The television also shines against certain bosses that have large floor areas and multiple monsters on screen, such as Baghead and Bullet Kin. 

When used against these bosses, the television functions as a fairly powerful single target damage dealer.

This way, if the television does not block the bullet, it will still minimize damage done by taking away some of its health. 

Against enemies who don’t shoot bullets, this strategy isn’t as effective due to the bullet immunity of enemies like Last Stands or bosses.

Not only does it deal damage to enemies, but it also bounces against walls and off objects. 

It can even bounce through multiple enemies when they are in close proximity to each other. 

This includes random enemy generators that spawn enemies that spawn random enemies when killed.


One of these is that it can be thrown during a fight with the Wallmonger but it disappears after you do. There's more to this though, if you manage to throw the busted TV somewhere like the floor of one of the rooms or into lava it can then no longer be picked back up. 

This may be intentional behavior by the developers; however, I doubt that is what they intended. 

This allows you to pick it up again without getting the error message. 

This is useful if you want to use more than one Busted Television Item since they give a big damage boost.

It is possible to hide one of your guns behind a wall during the battle with the Wallmonger by throwing it and having it land behind the wall so far down that you can't pick it back up. The clip will still spawn as if the weapon was picked up and expended, but if any shots are fired from this hidden gun, they will go through the wall as though there was no clip.