Bullet That Can Kill The Past Item

Sep 20, 2021
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It doesn’t cost any gold to build this item, but it costs a specific kind of material that you can find around the Gungeon.

It has a 5% chance to drop from the Blacksmith upon completing a build.

At a cost of 10 gold, the Bullet That Can Kill The Past is one of the lower-cost items in Enter The Gungeon, but it becomes a lot more useful when further upgrades are applied to it. 

A single bullet from the Bullet That Can Kill The Past will pass through all enemies and obstacles in its path before destroying a single wall which lies ahead of it.

The Bullet is most effective when used at the beginning of a run such as right after defeating The Bullet That Can Kill The Past or for making an accidental death less punishing. 

When used it resurrects the player to their state before entering the room where they died, leaving behind any money, keys, mushrooms, weapons and armor that were picked up since entering the room.


This Bullet grants access to a room with a past version of the player.

While only two items make use of this mechanic, many interesting things can be done with time travel.

There's a little bit of RPG in all of us. We like to overcome obstacles, see our characters grow stronger and reap the benefits. Enter the Gungeon gives you the opportunity to do just that as it allows you to upgrade your gun and bullets with items you find along your journey. 

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More Info About Bullet That Can Kill The Past Item

Enter the Gungeon's item progression is pretty interesting. As you increase your END stat, you can grab better guns which means you should be able to progress further into Gungeon, right? 

The answer is yes, but until then you will run into a series of rooms that are taken out due to the required parts. 

These rooms are guaranteed to appear until all of their conditions are met. If END stat alone determines if they appear or not, what happens when you collect all the parts required to make them appear?

The limited amount of room layouts reduce the number of rooms that will appear in a run. 

There is a small glitch that allows you to see all the rooms that are available in a given layout before picking which ones you want to enter. 

This will tell you the complete map for each layout and allow you to make an informed decision when choosing rooms.

Once the player enters the Aimless Void, they won't be able to return until the end of the run. 

In order to get this item, they have to do it before doing so. 

It's a special case in game considering that once the player goes there, they can't go back unless they die or complete The Bullet That Can Kill The Past page.

This item is unique in the fact that it's the only way to kill the past. Because of this, this bullet must be treated with great care. 

Even though it's possible to return to the enemies' starting locations from the past, it's not possible to go back and get this unique bullet before entering the Aimless Void

In addition, once bullets have been fired from the past they're unable to be recovered or reused, so if a player wants to have a chance at killing their future selves they better make sure they take aim at their past selves very carefully.