Book of Chest Anatomy Item

Sep 20, 2021
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When the player picks up this item, they are teleported to Chest, similar to the item Wormhole. Every time the player teleports, all enemies will be killed. Enemies killed by Book of Chest Anatomy count as kills for the player's total number of kills in Arcade Mode.

The item will open up the player's chest cavity and cause beams to blast out of it. This can be used to attack enemies or trigger mechanisms, or alternatively can be used as a source of healing by standing upon a healing plate.

It is dropped rarely by Beholster, and can be found earlier in the Gungeon if the player has consumed enough Ward. 

This book teaches one how to read and understand intricate and elaborate scriptures of ancient cults and religions.

This chest is such an interesting item on its own merits (it's a chest with a book on it; what's not to like?), but its true potential lies in how it can help you stay alive.

At the cost of one red heart container, Isaac gains a familiar that floats slowly near him. 

The Familiar orbits Isaac at roughly leg height and periodically fires a spectral tear that deals seven damage and passes through enemies. 

Each time Isaac fires his own tears, there is a small chance that a second tear will be fired from the Familiar.

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A lot of guides will tell you to avoid chests in Enter The Gungeon because you can lose items, so this is essentially a stack defence; It prevents Explosion damage making Explosions less likely to destroy the contents of the chest. 

Not only that but it also improves the quality of the drops by removing Junk, which is basically useless item drops like Empty Bullets, loose change and screws.

This item causes the randomizer to add a 1d6 die to the mix. It also rolls twice on its table and selects the result that has the highest value, though it does not improve loading rates.

Despite the abundance of items in Enter the Gungeon there are times when it gets frustrating to get what you want. 

Like when you get a chest with an item of the same type of ammo already in your gun, or getting yet another shotgun. 

This is why I decided to create this book, to help ease the pain of getting duplicate items or useless items.

Book of Chest Anatomy 101

There are bullet bills, flying bullets, guns... But the strangest thing is the Chest. This chest doesn't want to be opened! You can actually get a mimic after you find two chests. 

There are some more things that affect the chest. 

If it says Chest, instead of Mimic, it means that one of the characters has lowercase R (like r or r) or two of uppercase R (like RR or QR).

A mimic is a chest that moves towards the player while they open it, and attacks when it gets close enough.

It's possible to create words with book pages by using Lowercase R, but it needs two books. 

Because the player only needs one Lowercase R, it is more rewarding to have another word to spell out.