Bloodied Scarf Item in Enter The Gungeon

Nov 19, 2021
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Bloodied Scarf Info Card

Bloodied scarf is a secret room item in Wild World, City Folk and New Leaf. When equipped, it will show the location of any hidden rooms within 3 tiles of the player's character. 

It can also be opened indoors where other secret rooms cannot be accessed, making it easier to find hidden treasures by redirecting the player to dig inside walls.

It can be obtained rarely by digging with Shovels outside the house next to the Museum between 10 A.M. and 5 P.M.. It might also be found in Lost Item Packs obtained from Phineas. 

It is typically found in the basement, rarely in the garage, and never, ever outside. If you find it outside, you will most likely lose it to a lightning bolt or a fishing bobber. 

There is also a chance of bloodied scarves being in buried items when using a shovel.

Using it will make the character follow the trail of red spots to the hidden room shown in the Sub-Area. The trail moves quickly and disappears in two seconds if not followed. 

It is possible to get trapped in the hidden room, leaving only one exit; therefore, it is advisable to remember how to find your way back out or teleport out.

When the player uses the scarf while standing on a path block on a fence , an X will appear on the map. This indicates that there is a room behind the fence. The room is usually filled with rare furniture such as blue chairs , white monarch butterfly clocks or red & gold carts but they may contain insects or fossils instead. 

Insects saved from ant farms will most likely be in these secret rooms instead of in the ant farms themselves. 

If there are no bugs, furniture, or fossils in a secret room, it will most likely contain a golden shovel instead.


The game determines whether animation should be skipped based on the size of the dodge movement vector, using it if it's large enough, and playing the full dodge animation otherwise. 

Holding down the B button while pressing dodge will make the character perform a long (about 1.5 times normal) dash instead of teleporting.

This is useful for when an enemy's attack cannot be blocked by Nooklings Store Umbrellas, or when attempting to knock out an opponent who is about to deliver a finishing blow.

It can also be used to dodge attacks, with most enemies and bosses vulnerable to it, and is essential in boss battles (like most NES games). 

This can be used to help escape from Starman attacks, and under normal circumstances it has no effect on Goombas.

The direction of the teleport is based on the direction you are facing, not where your mouse is pointing. When using a controller aim with the right analog stick to determine direction.

The player has an unlimited amount of bullets and grenades as well as three health slots. There are five different characters that the player can choose from before opening a chest. 

Each character has a gun that is unique to them, they have slightly different stats and slightly different personalities/reactions to the guns they use.


This item is unique in the fact that it is an entirely cosmetic item. It has no effect on gameplay at all, but rather is a funny little addition to your collection if it catches your eye. 

Its description is an obvious reference to the Shinobi series of games, which was the source of the scarf design.

This scarf has a 20% critical hit chance and glows red when The Cultist is close by. It can drop from any enemy, but has a higher chance to drop from enemies found in the Gungeon Proper.

Bypassing walls is useful for skipping sections of levels, getting to higher ground quickly, and avoiding certain enemies' attacks. 

However, because enemies can be on both sides of a solid wall, you won't always avoid their projectiles by teleporting over it. Teleporting also can't be used to avoid damage from bosses or spikes.

The teleport can be used to reach normally inaccessible areas present in certain layouts of Winchester (NPC)'s games and improve the vantage point, and the player will not be penalised for doing so. 

In the Ambitious Animated Teleport the player is teleported from one secret area to another without touching ground, resulting in consecutive automatic kills of room after room of enemies.