Blood Brooch Item in Enter The Gungeon

Nov 11, 2021
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Blood Brooch Info Card

Blood Brooch is a passive item in Enter the Gungeon. It can restore a small amount of health upon hitting a bullet based enemy after taking damage. 

The effect is reminiscent of the rally mechanic in Bloodborne , whereby the player character can regain health by attacking enemies after taking damage.

The effects are similar to the Rally effect in Bloodborne. It basically allows you to regain health by attacking enemies after taking damage.

It is a passive gun mod that functions similarly to the rally mechanic from Bloodborne, whereupon attacking an enemy will build up a special meter, whilst taking damage will reduce it. 

In effect, the player will regenerate health over time for as long as they attack enemies.

The brooch's effect increases the player character's base health and the amount of health gained from each Ammo Mushroom by 25%. 

The Blood Brooch can still be found and traded if it is taken to the Breach.


It is a common pickup in the gungeon, and can be dropped by any enemy, aside from the bosses. 

It is a very helpful pickup for those who have a weaker weapon, but makes up for it by adding a little extra health to your overall HP. 

The Blood Brooch grants you half a heart for every 1200 damage you deal or take (after all calculations such as criticals, multipliers etc). 

This makes it most effective when used with guns that deal large amounts of damage.

This item can be particularly useful for characters capable of wide-range firing like the Doppler, or for characters with high damage skills like the Bullet.


Just like in Bloodborne you'll need to shoot the enemy with multiple artillery shots before you can deal good damage with your Trick Gun. 

This item goes well with the Trick Gun as it fires fast projectiles that penetrate enemies which allows you to hit multiple enemies at once.

Gradually, over the course of the game, you realize there are three major beings. Some might have called them Gods - but they aren't exactly benevolent to humanity/our world. 

Nevertheless, these beings do have power. 

This references this in Enter the Gungeon by being an item that only the Trick Gun can use.

It is one of the most popular items in the game due to the Trick Gun's ability to cause enemies to explode. 

When used with the trick gun, a bullet that hits a target will also hit all enemies behind it on the same depth that explodes as well as any other targets directly between you and your bullet. 

If your bullet doesn't destroy a target, another projectile from a bounce may still register as a kill, allowing for multiple explosions on a single pull of the trigger depending on how many enemies are caught in the shot.