Beelzebub In Helltaker Explained

Dec 28, 2021
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Beelzebub Info Card

Beelzebub is the first demon to be encountered in Helltaker, and her humanoid form has white hair, crimson eyes, and a cloven tail. 

Her appearance is similar to that of a succubus, but far more demonic in appearance. Her outfit consists of an outfit which covers her whole body except for her tail (which is wrapped in bandages) and white wings.

A fallen angel, Beelzebub is the first character who greets the player in Helltaker. 

Her humanoid form can be found on the Moon's surface where she greets the player with an eerie, yet friendly welcome to Hell. 

Her second form bears a large bat-like body covered in segmented chitin. Her tail is replaced with a long tentacle that acts as a whip.

As the first character encountered in Helltaker, Beelzebub has two forms. First she is a boss that you fight with your trusty fire sword. Once defeated, she fuses with the protagonist character and she becomes a companion who offers enhanced abilities to help in battle. 

Beelzebub will also warn you of when to continue your descent down through hell.

Beelzebub, also known as Beelzebub-I, is First Lieutenant of the Twenty-Sixth Squad and was created for Behemoth as a companion. 

Of all the demons that lived in the Desert of Corpses, she was by far the most favored. 

Kept by his side from birth, she grew not only more powerful than many other members of the Sixth Legion--and many other demons--but also deeply loyal to her master."


Beelzebub is a beast of a woman. Her nonchalant demeanor masks an astute mind that can quickly grasp the nature of any situation and turn it to her advantage. 

She is without equal in manipulating others, making those who think they know how she works more susceptible to her machinations. 

However, to her chagrin, she was touched by the Abysstaker—and though this also made her stronger, it also made her more vulnerable.

A commanding and sometimes arrogant presence, Beelzebub usually appears as a mature woman draped in scarlet robes and adorned with various ornaments. 

She wields her enormous pride like a weapon, berating those that oppose her or dare to challenge the power of Satan.

Beelzebub, known as the "Lord of Hell", is a character in the Beelzebub series. The original Beelzebub was known as Baal Zebûb, and not necessarily a woman. Despite this, he/she is generally referred to as female, and has a very active role as one of the main characters. It has been stated that she was referred to as "Lord" due to the main character's inability to comprehend the meaning of gender while he was still a baby. 

She typically acts much like a grandmotherly figure to her fellow comrades, but will also exhibit some traits of an authoritarian dictator at times when things don't go her way.

Beelzebub, known as the Queen of Hell and one of the Seven Kings of Gehenna, is one of Lucifer's three highest ranking generals (alongside Semyazah and Azazel). 

She is fully aware that the Helltaker has been reincarnated into a lower demon. 

She tells him that his current master was once a servant of her son Lord Belial. 

It is implied that she possibly directly oversaw and/or was responsible for the creation of the various Netherworlds in which Satan made his fortresses as well as presumably many other worlds as well.

Beelzebub is one of the five main playable characters in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked. In both the game and the anime, she is portrayed as a mischievous and playful character who, along with Benzai-ten, are caretakers for each member of the what's-left-of-the-humanity resistance team.

Beelzebub Facts

  • After the battle with Satan, Beelzebub transforms into a black and white figure which resembles patterning found in insect wings, while flashbacks show him in his human form. Designer Kazuyuki Ooshima said he wanted it to look like an evil god, so he gave Beelzebub horns, a tail, and blank eyes. A seraph appears on the Devil Trigger's activation screen, but whether it represents Beelzebub is unknown.
  • Other than that she dresses like any other girl of her status: pink caplet over dress with white frills and a black ribbon around her neck. She is also sometimes depicted as dark bluish gray instead of black.
  • From Young King OURs: Beelzebub used to be a human in her first life, but was reincarnated as a fly. She used to live in the manhole of Demon Lord Satan's castle. One day, she flew out of the manhole and saw the outside world for the very first time. Overwhelmed by the sheer scale of everything, she became fascinated with the surface world. Realizing she could never return to the underground world because of her size, and that no one would notice if a fly went missing from Satan's territory, she decided to give the surface a try. However, she found that the sunlight burned her skin due to how sensitive flies are to light. So, Beelzebub decided to go back underground by herself while swearing not to come back out until she was able to tolerate sunlight.
  • Described as one of the greatest Demon Lord's in history, Beelzebub leads the 72 Demon Lords in their goal to conquer Ente Isla. He is a Temptation Hero who previously worked alongside the retired hero Emilia before leading a campaign against humans as a Demon Lord. Despite this, he remains an ally to the Reformed Church, and has no desire for war against them.