Ballot Gungeon Explained

Sep 14, 2021
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Ballot is a small piece of paper that floats in front of the character. The paper's text indicates the character's name and, if they aren't an NPC, their current HP and a short phrase describing their current status. 

Ballots generated by the Cathedral do not have a visible HP bar.

For all other items, when they are held, the player shoots an additional normal bullet when shooting, for a total of three bullets per shot. While in the inventory, this item is inactive.

These splinters will not be recovered when picking up bullets or refilling ammo.

Ballot allows the player to reload faster and increases the chance of gaining health upon killing an enemy. 

Reloading this gun works like a magazine and not actually flicking the hammer down and then back to its original position. 

When holding down the fire key while standing still, bullets will be loaded into the magazine at a rate of 1 every 0.5 seconds, making for a reload time of 3.5 seconds if all bullets are loaded. 

Bullets are loaded one at a time, so the same delay happens for each bullet instead of them being loaded in bulk, giving it a total combined reload time of 7.5 seconds with all bullets loaded.

Other Items: Sprun, Spice, Iron Coin


Most players will tell you that the Ballot is primarily used for its ability to return an active item, but this is only part of the puzzle. 

Introducing the Ballot's second effect, which decreases the cooldown of active items and increases the chance of items dropping upon clearing a room.

When taken together, these effects allow players to use active items more frequently, without relying on health pickups.

Ammo, a gun that never runs out of bullets (which also kills on touch), and beard oil all do something special for your character. 

So what's the difference between them? 

Ballot will reduce items' cooldown timer during rooms, increasing their chance of dropping upon clearing one.

Regardless of the hero you choose, practicing nearly anything will increase your coolness. It can even extend your active item cooldown and give you a chance at an item each monster you kill.

As a doorway to the Gungeon, this area is double-locked by two Knob Goblin guards. In order to clear the room and proceed, the player must have at least eight points of coolness. 

The player may increase their coolness by using certain items, decreasing it from using other items or being hit by enemies.

Ballot 101

The Ballot is a unique gun in Enter the Gungeon. 

It has six projectiles, and one of them has a chance to cause enemies to drop an item (which could potentially be that item itself), referencing the fact that voting gives you a chance of getting that candidate elected. 

Most notably it slices like a knife.

Weapon is a secret item which you need to unlock in the game Enter the Gungeon. The only way to achieve this is by playing through the storyline, achieving specific tasks and having your save games unlocked across multiple platforms. 

It's name seems to be a reference to "The gun is mightier than the sword", a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln, or maybe John Milton's poem Paradise Lost where he says that "fire" was the first weapon created before swords were invented.