Baby Good Mimic Item in Enter The Gungeon

Nov 23, 2021
min reading
Eyepatch info card

The bullets fired will follow the player who caused the explosion for several seconds before disappearing. That was until Baby Good Mimic discovered its favorite pastime: explosions! 

Now it spends every waking moment looking for ways to cause them. Since explosions don't happen very often, Baby Good Mimic is usually completely useless and not worth taking along with you on runs.

The first Mimic I found dropped a random weapon, but after that I haven’t seen one drop an actual gun.

Most recently I found a passive baby good mimic, and most of the guns dropped by the enemies were pretty pathetic (though I did make it through Cell 4 with an ice shotty with like 8hp remaining).

The green baby head begins as an item, but once the player attacks walls or floors or kills enemies with explosions, Baby Good Mimic will begin to attack. 

It will start shooting bullets in all directions until the player dies or it transforms back into an item.


 It rests in a dormant state and will follow and seek after the player. 

When it is inactive, one would assume it's harmless; but when it's active, the Dogu spreads its paws about and aims at various things around it. 

If anything crosses its line of sight, it will fire out a barrage of bullets lasting about 4 seconds.

We had a gun that shot bullets shaped like guns, which would shoot even bigger guns. 

A few months later, a Pac-Man boss came out, and we were brainstorming what sort of mechanics we could throw on top of this guy. 

The idea of a mimic, as in the video game item, seemed fun. 

With Pac-Man being a maze-based boss, it was only natural that mimics would follow you around, as this is similar to their behavior from classic Pac-Man games.


Now, this is nothing special by itself, but when you combine it with Teapot, things get interesting. 

If the player also has Teapot, while reloading the gun will also reload itself, and while doing so a small red aura will appear around the player. 

It is recommended that the player equip another gun that fires quickly while keeping Baby Good Mimic selected. 

If both the player and Baby Good Mimic are holding another gun, both guns will reload at the same time, shooting one bullet per shot fired by either gun.

He has an alternate fire mode which will make him charge forward and damage enemies, dealing the same damage as his normal attack (up to 255). Before firing, he will say "Moooo".