Azazel In Helltaker Explained

Dec 27, 2021
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Azazel Info Card

Azazel is the only true angel in Hell Taker. Cast out of heaven for his rage, he could not bear to take part in the eternal genocide of mankind. While he can't fight on par with monsters, he makes up for that by being able to heal himself over time. 

He can even revive fallen allies to fight alongside him once again!

Azazel is a winged, skeletal entity and one of the many enemies that populate Helltaker. 

He has wings and can fly around the map without fighting players directly. 

However, once Azazel is close to a player he begins shooting a beam from his hand. 

Should a player continue to fight Azazel, he will lose health. He is able to deal great amounts of damage when in close range of the enemy, but both types of weapons are effective against him.

With 13 new weapons, several new monster types, and a new level of challenge, Azazel brings to the table what most other games are lacking: The Angel. Although he only has a movement speed of 4, his attacks can easily reach in excess of 20 damage. 

He is immune to all status effects and bleeding, but slows down and all his attacks inflict -2 defense per successful hit. However, his greatest strength lies in his plethora of abilities. 

 Azazel is a non-playable character in Helltaker, a first-person shooter that follows the story of the novel by George G. Gilman, and is heavily influenced by the themes and ideas it presents. 

Azazel resembles a floating head, with long, flowing hair and two large wings extending from its sides. Dressed in a flowing, futuristic-looking purple robe, he frequently creates large rings of fire around himself as he stalks toward the player. Azazel was voiced by Clint Bajakian.

This is the story of Azazel, an angel always loyal to his Lord, but also a servant with a deep pride that urged him one day to lead a rebellion against the heavens. In this treachery he was defeated and sentenced to hell for eternity. 

Because of his loyalty, though, he was saved from the tortures of hell by none other than the Creator himself, who offered Azazel's servitude unconditionally. Azazel agreed and has been serving his master ever since.

This creature, also known as the Mockingbird of False Hope, is an angel that's a cross between a bird and anthropomorphic wolf. 

While generally appearing calm, it can become enraged in a matter of seconds. It has light blue skin and yellow feathers.


Azazel is a character that contrasts the demons featured in this manga. These demons are all varying shades of red and black, wearing little to no clothes and are often shown as grotesque or deformed, just like the Devil himself. 

Azazel's white and yellow outfit belongs more to an Angel, rather than a demon from Hell. Her necklace is adorned with a cross. 

Though this may indicate her true religious affiliation (Christianity), it seems she is firmly on the side of the angels as she wears it proudly and it is a part of who she is.

Azazel is a female demon and the personal secretary of Lucifer, who works in Hell's administration department. 

She is a tall woman with long black hair in two braids and yellow eyes that are often hidden behind dark sunglasses. 

Azazel wears an outfit, similar to those of her younger sisters, except hers is white instead of black and military-like instead of playful.

When Azazel makes her long awaited appearance in the movie, she stands out amongst the other demons in her white and yellow attire, making her a true angel among demons. 

At first, she doesn't speak a word; her actions speak louder than words as she fights off a group of green ghosts, taking on several at once.   

She wears a white shirt, with yellow trim on her collar, sleeves and gloves. She wears what looks like a necklace, a cross with leaves intruding from the bottom of it. The cross is open, allowing her chest to show through it. 

Her pants are military style, with gold buttons and light green lining, dark green belt and holster for her pistol. Her arms have dark gray patches of cloth sewed onto them.


The bright-eyed young cadet is determined to do her homework, documenting and recording all the new things she learns about the world of Hell and its fantastic denizens! With a clean and clear aesthetic, this cute portrait of Azazel is sure to be a fan-favorite.

Azazel has a personality that befits her general role as an angel of death. Despite the fact that she is up against some of the worst beings imaginable on a daily basis, and sees horrific sights, she never loses her cool or even cracks a smile. 

She's collected, surprisingly stoic, and brutally efficient, and seems to embody what most would consider the stereotypical image of an Angel. Despite this, she still seems to have some fun while doing her job.

From the popular anime series with a second season currently airing comes a 1/7th scale figure of the self-proclaimed angel that went to hell, Azazel! The figure is based on an illustration by character designer Yuichi Murakami, and captures the soft, dynamic feel of Azazel's pose as she looks up at the sky. 

Her long hair and wings look as relaxed and soft as possible as they spread out behind her, creating a lovely contrast against her bare skin and showing off her impressive body lines. 

Be sure to add this adorable 1/7th scale figure of Azazel to your collection!

The protagonist of the story, and the Bright-Eyed Cadet. She's curious about most things, which has led to her journeys in a research based endeavor to the lowest reaches of hell, to collect data on demons. She is inquisitive and definitely not neutral in her outlook on things. 

Azazel is an academic first, a Demon hunter second. After all she is still a little new at this whole Demon hunting thing.