+10 Best AVAX Crypto Games You Should Play & Earn

Mar 15, 2022
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Have you ever tried playing a blockchain game? If the answer is no, no worries because you’re in the right place. Here I’ll show you the list of best Avax blockchain games you could join and see if one of them is your favorite.

Avalanche powers the next generation of blockchain with a platform that gives developers the freedom to build the applications of tomorrow. Avalanche pioneered high speed and low cost smart contracts creating an open programmable platform for decentralized applications. 

Building on a powerful Proof of Stake consensus protocol, our network is able to scale to thousands of transactions per second at confirmations times as fast as 300ms. 


In Crabada, you can come as close to being a king as possible by playing an idle game where the decisions are ruled by you and other players. 

As an idle game, Crabada does not require you to actively play in order for your assets to grow in value. Instead, you're rewarded for simply owning assets. 

The more assets you own, the faster your assets produce tokens. These tokens are used to determine what happens within the kingdom and how it should evolve over time.


Talecraft is one of my favorite in Avax crypto game list. Even I own some craft coins

This medieval metaverse inspired game allows you to play, craft and earn NFTs through winning games. Players can participate in weekly elemental base card sales where they can choose which elements they want to include in their decks. The result? You get to earn awesome, one of a kind NFTs all while playing your favorite medieval-themed card and board game.

Pizza Game

In the Pizza Game, you can stalk your chef and send out orders to have your favorite pizza made. As your skills as a cheftainer grow, you can increase the stakes of the game by unlocking chefs and upgrades. Each player is also given a wallet which they can use to send ETH to in-game people and organizations.

YAY Games

YAY Games is a platform for playing and launching blockchain games. YAY Games is a gamified launch pad for decentralized applications (dApps), specifically designed for games on the blockchain. YAYGames is developed using Open Source technology, which means that developers are able to create their own games and launch them from YAYGames so that other players can enjoy your creations! 


Chikn are not for eating, they are for collecting and trading on the blockchain. They also have the ability to mimic other assets. This means that you can own a chikn egg as well. However, after it hatches it is gone forever, so don't lose it! Chikn can be upgraded on our tri-token system, which will increase its value and upgrade what it looks like.


DOMI Online is a 3D blockchain MMORPG underpinned by NFTs. There is no skill cap or level cap in the game, and players can earn tokens while playing the game. You are free to explore and adventure as you wish. Gather resources, trade with other players and increase your power with every step you take into the unknown. There are tokens to find in treasure chests, items to collect from defeated foes, and areas to be explored.

Rise Online World

Do you like online role-playing games? Rise Online World is an exciting new world game that lets you interact and play with thousands of other gamers. The game has a beautiful and detailed universe, innovative characters, and challenging levels that are sure to keep you addicted for hours. They have a strong and loving community of gamers that are always on the lookout for new players to join their ranks.

DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a game where players can earn rewards by trading tokens and protecting gardens, mining resources, and building their own kingdoms. DeFi Kingdoms is a game where users can trade and protect gardens for rewards using blockchain technology. 

Build your own kingdom by playing the game. Mine for resources and create gardens that you can protect from thieves. Sell your gardens and keep the profits or allow others to build on them!

Heroes of NFT

Heroes of NFT is a collectible card game that allows you to play with your players and rise to victory in tournaments. 

The cards you obtain are stored in your unique private keys, giving you complete control over your collection and ensuring the safety of your cards. You can trade your cards in the marketplace or spend HRM tokens on special items that improve the attributes of your heroes.

Imperium Empires

Imperium Empires is a blockchain-powered game where players can explore outer space, make space trades, and fight together in space battles. The game uses the Imperium token that fuels cross-game rewards, it reduces lag spikes, and is the world's first crypto-based Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS).


AVAXTARS is the world's first idle game on the blockchain. It is a free browser-based game built with blockchain technology that allows players to earn money while playing. 

AVAXTARS combines PvP multiplayer battles, unique NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and cryptocurrency earnings in an open world environment. 

Where there are individual Avaxtars, weapons, accessories, and items will all come in the form of NFTs.


MadSkullz are children's collectibles inspired by the '90s era toys that we all grew up with. Each MadSkullz has their own unique story and powers, and they live in the world of SkullzCity, where they can either fight against bad guys who come through an interdimensional portal or save people in need. When you own a MadSkullz, you get to be the hero—you decide what adventures they go on and what matters to them in their new home, SkullzCity!

This is the end of the list. When new AVAX crypto games arrive I will update the list.