Arcane Gunpowder Item Explained

Nov 10, 2021
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Arcane Gunpowder Info Card

Arcane Gunpowder is found in the Black Powder Mine. It is an active item and tells the player it can be detonated, but not how to do so. While you can throw it to the ground, it won't do anything. 

However, if you throw it into a minecart with explosives in front of a switch, they will be launched when the cart reaches the end of its track.

Each time the item is taken from a minecart, it moves to another one in a random location within the room. 

However, if the Cartographer's Tower map is in effect, all but one of the minecarts will be locked in place and all items will shift to a different location.

The powder that makes all the difference. 

This dusty purple bag of explosive power can clear rooms in an instant. 

It's dangerous, tricky to use, and whatever you do - do not set it off before it hits your target! 


This item can be used to unlock the door in front of the Gungeon's past, where the Booster Pack was held hostage. 

How did this mysterious bullet end up hidden away in the Gungeon? 

There are various effects of this strange capsule of gunpowder. 

It has the chance to destroy the whole world (in which case you wouldn't get it), create an annual rain day (no, not like Groundhog Day), spawn strange minibosses, give you premium ammo for more damage, increase your reputation, make more friends on social media or do absolutely nothing at all. 

These effects are random and either harmless or gamebreaking.


Just carrying the Arcane Gunpowder can change runs. 

The use of this item is up to the player's imagination, the only rule is the blast will always hit an enemy. 

The blast has a small amount of knockback and deals damage similar to walking into a Minecart from the front. 

This means that if you want a lot of damage early on in a run, consider using the Arcane Gunpowder in your runs. 

If you want a more reliable travel method, carry a Pilot instead, who can move twice as fast while using inventory items.